Notes from last Sat. smoke

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Smoke Blower
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Mar 19, 2007
Avon MN.
The next time I do beef ribs I will have the knuckle cut off, I will remove the membrane on the bone side (makes a big difference when your eating it, it doesn't fight back) and my wife loved the ribs that had the Jack Daniels apple juice olive oil spritz. The spritz gave it a nice mellow flavor, so I will try it on other meats also. I have been given a new name "Smoky Al's Bar-B-Que, Bait & Body Shop. The neighbor's trying to funny again. Next smoke is in 2 weeks, can't wait.
Sounds like a great smoke and learning experience....

That's a big name to fit on business cards....
Wow, talk about a diversified business!

There's a guy here in Delaware that has a bait and tackle shop, and shares the building with his wife's hair salon. They call it Worms-n-Perms... gotta love it!
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