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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by johnny1, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. johnny1

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    I just got my gas smoker awhile ago from Bass Pro..I love it-except for one thing..It seems to burn up the wood chips pretty fast..Is the normal? Temps I run so far are 250 to 300 degrees....It doesn
    t have a very large chip box....Any idea on how to remedy this...I don't like to have to open the door once it's under way..Thanks and happy Santa day [​IMG]
  2. ron50

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    Not sure what smoker you have? I have a verical gas unit too, a camp chef smoke vault. I use strictly chunks for the reason you metnioned; the chips burn up too fast.
  3. johnny1

    johnny1 Fire Starter

    It is great outdoors-smokey mountain series
  4. rodbuilder

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    Hey Johnny1, I also have a GOSM propane smoker and had the same problem. I did 2 things to solve mine. First I made this modification:

    Then I found a 10" cast iron low side skillet at the thrift store that I use for my wood. I use chunks as well. I cut my own in 1" squares and that seem to work for me. I am now able to get my temps down to 130 for jerky and sausage with no problems at all. When I am at lower temps ( below 250) I use the chip box that came with the smoker with the same chunks... Hope this help you out...

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