Not smoked, but is wild game, venison liver pate Q view

Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by bigslick, Dec 27, 2009.

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    I hunt and am trying to use more and more of the game each time I get an animal. Saw a show on Chris Cosentino and it got me thinking.
    I always kept the heart from deer and this year I kept what looked like a very healthy liver.
    Also an avid mushroomer, so...
    Here is the pan of Hen of the Woods frying up:

    soaked cleaned and cut liver (forgot to get pics) then soaked over night in butter milk.
    And the venison liver after cooking in bacon fat:

    Found and modified a recipe on a hunting/fishing site I visit. It is: liver in small pieces, butter, onion, miracle whip, hard boiled egg, garlic. I added the mushrooms trying to get a nice rich flavor.
    It was miserable trying to get it all smooth in the processor, maybe it is time for a new one, it looked a bit graining, but is very spreadable when pressed, not at all like the paste I was expecting though.

    and the taste test...

    Really good! Not many in my family will try liver let alone venison liver, but I ate so much on Christmas for lunch almost ruined my dinner.
    Thanks for viewing.
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    Thanks for the recipe Bigslick! I'll give it a go. [​IMG]

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