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Meat Mopper
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Mar 12, 2006
Mobile, AL
I've been here for a while as Mystickal_1. I have decided that name no longer fits. I started with that name on an ECHL hockey board back in the mid 90's of the Mobile Mysticks. It was originally The Mystickal One, but eventually I just shortened it. That team has been gone for 5 years now and I felt it was time for a change. I have now changed my name to Mötley Cüe. This will combine my two loves: heavy metal and smoking meat. And it will match my tattoo I use as my avatar a little better. So, hello again everyone.
Welcome again Motley,

I may be getting old, but I still like the head banging music on occasions.

I understand the hockey deal too, we had the Monroe Moccasins for about 3 years here and then they folded up. Pretty weird watching hockey in the south. Guess it just didn't catch on.

Anyway, welcome back. 8)
Metal, ink, and smokin'. A man after my own heart. I have been a headbanger since I was a kid. Started out with Sabath, JP, and IM. Then got into underground speedmetal and deathmetal. Grew out of the deathmetal when I found my Lord. But still can't get enough of the 80's and 90's hairband stuff.
Heya MC!

Never cared much for the metal scene till my yougest kid got into EMOMETAL scene. Were it not for a crooked agent his band would be national now. Won all sorts of kudos in the Boston area and were the top request many weeks in a row on different radio stations.

Can send you a knock off CD if you PM me!

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