not a joke- texas skeeter

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And then smoked the trout!
Gypsy- that is the grandpappy of all skeeters
And i've seen some big skeeters in my day.
Maybe you could hang em out front of your house as a warning to all the other skeeters out there, save you on some citronella!
Now that there's a skeeter! How'd ya' kill it, with your car? If so, any damage?
Man, I saw that and like others I thought "Get out the fly rod"!! Almost big enough to throw a saddle on and take for a ride!!

Hey Gypsy-I got'ch be by 1 1/2 ring sizes (13)
Gypsy,Id say catch two dozen more of those wing ged creatures and smoke some sish-ka-bobs.
Take a needle and poke bout a hundred holes in yourself,that outta chum them in real good. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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