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May 30, 2007
Glenburn, North Dakota
I am new to the forum and just realized I have made a few posts without checking in and letting you all know who I am, sorry.....

I started meat processing 20 years ago and started smoking meats 6 years ago. I started both processing and smoking on venison.

My first smoker was an old round top fridge that I made into a smoker and used for 4 years. This was a great smoker, between friends and family I ran 20 to 25 deer a year through it. A few years ago I decided to go larger and found a 7 foot tall, commercial stainless steel fridge that I converted to a smoker for the big batches and now I also have 3 Masterbuilts I use for smaller projects.

So far I am learning more and more things from this site and am sure I will get more idea's and learn new foods to make from all of the other members knowledge and past experience's.

Today I am making my first smoked meatloaf thanks to this site. I have no idea why I never thought about smoking a meatloaf before.....

If anyone know's of a good pepperoni recipe I would like to hear it. I make a few different styles of bulk sausage and also make my own canadian bacon. So if I can find a pepperoni recipe I can make a true home made pizza's.

Thanks and I look forward to getting to know all of you.

Welcome Marty -

Well you've already made a BIG HIT on the forum with your venison bacon! I'm sure you'll earn alot of reputation points with that one!

The quest for the perfect pepperoni ... ah I know it well!

Brother Smoked and I have been going nuts for the perfect pepperoni and hard salami for a while. My Mama made a great one but she always did it from her head and never measured anything and I think when she quoted it to me something was accidentaly left out - it didn't work quite right and alas she has long since passed on. I've decided salt is the key ingrediant. Low salt pepperoini is not real good.

Maybe some of the newbies here have hit upon the perfect pepperoni recipe?
Welcome again Mossymo, good pics of the bacon, how bout some of that smoker
bbq bubba and hhersh
Ask and you shall receive !!!

I have it set up in between my garage and shed. If you notice the propane line to it, I have the smoker, my garage furnace and a stove/oven in the garage all hooked up to one tank.

Top shelf of the smoker I have square dowels for sausage hanging. The racks are made out of expanded aluminum. Because of the costs, so far I only have 6 racks made, I set the smoker up to hold 11 racks. The expanded aluminum racks are 23†X 23â€.

The burner I borrowed off bbq grill that was discarded; it was the side burner off of it. I liked it for a burner because of the flame adjustment it has.
Nice smoker! 11 racks ... you could go in business with that many!

Dad always said one mans trash is another mans treasure!
Thanks for all the complimants, I did put quite a bit of thinking into that smoker after I had allready made one. All your complimants are very appreciated.

As far as smoking goes, my wife told me she thinks I am nuts. I replied, "Hhhmmm, I have not thought about trying to smoke them yet....." After that reply she glanced at my mid-section and I changed the subject real fast.....
Welcome to the board MossyMo! I just found this place this week myself. I love this place! Nice smoker setup you've got there!
Welcome to SMF Marty! You are going to love it here. Nice rig you have, I'm sure it turns out some delicious Q. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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