Noob from Kansas City

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Original poster
Jul 7, 2007
South Kansas City
Hi, my name's Ed....I have just recently gotten in to smoking Pork and brisket, and felt the need to find some other guys (and Ladies) who share my passion
(not like I couldn't find some here in KC)
I have done Brisket, All kinds of ribs, Pork Shoulders, and some fish and Chicken...
I think my fave is Pork Butt though!!!!

Thanks And see ya around!!!!
Pork butt rules, Welcome to the SMF
welcome to SMF.

i am smoking a brisket right now. i just pulled the fatty off, and i pulled the ABTs and hot dogs off awhile ago. i got pics of the hotdogs, ABTs, and the fatty. waiting for the brisket to finish so i can take pics and start a thread under the "beef" section.

if you have any questions, just ask. remember, we love pics (Q-view).
Welcome to SMF from another from Mo. I'm just a few miles north on I-29. Friendly folks here and if you have questions just ask, someone will be along with help shortly.
Thanks For the warm welcome guys!!!
I am planning some ribs and a shoulder next weekend
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