Non alcoholic brisket spray and mop

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Feb 6, 2006

I have a couple of AA members coming over for dinner this weekend. I normally spray my brisket with 3 part apple juice and 1 part bourbon.

Any suggestions for a non alcoholic spray and mop?


i have always been told the alcohol cooks out. you can make it without the alcohol. i make mine out of apple juice, and the stuff i put in my rub. sometimes i add beer and sometimes i don't.
You could use just about anything. I've mopped with plain old apple juice before, or pineapple juice. I've heard of guys mixing cola with their apple juice and mopping with that. Or worchestershire, soy, etc.
Yeah, I heard the alcohol burns off also. Hoqwever I still thought it was a bad idea in lieu of.

Sounds good. I will go with Apple juice and then add the spices I use on the brisket.

Take care,

Apple juice.... that is all I use.

I have a couple of times put a couple of beef bouilon cubes in and dissolved them. Can't say that it made much difference.

If they are AA, I would stay away from the alcoholic juices, there could be a taste, and shove them over the edge....

Brian, you can't go wrong adding some of the rub you use on the brisket to the apple juice-that's the route that I go with my mops/sprays.

A quick hint- I heat up the apple juice and then add my rub and give it a stir and then let it sit until the spices desolve. I then strain everything through a coffee filter before pouring it into my spray bottle. If you just add the rub to the juice in the spray bottle, the feed tube has a tendency to clog up on you when the larger bits of spices get sucked up.
Thank you both for the replies.

Last question...How often do you spray/mop?


At least once per hour, sometimes once every 30 minutes, or whenever I need to tend to the fire.
I second that. I spray just enough that it doesn't run off.... almost, but not quite....

And remember, if you are looking, you ain't cooking...... the longer you take, the cooler the chamber gets, and the longer it will take.... so be quick....

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