No galvanized in your smoker, its toxic

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jerky boy

Original poster
Feb 3, 2007
I see alot of people are looking to make smokers and others are suggesting they use parts of galvi in there smokers. At 120' galvin releases toxic fumes that can make you very sick even dead if you inhale them. That's why galvi is not used in indoor chimneys for woodburning stoves.......DON"T USE IT
I understand that the "galvanized" can be burned off by throwing the piece in a hot fire. Is there any truth to this?
cajun_1, you can use galvanized metal, but you want to be absolutely sure you burn off all of the zinc. I would recommend not using galvanized metal for cooking or heating areas. I looked up this link for all to know the symptoms of breathing the heated zinc (Metal Fume Fever)...

Keep Smokin - safely
Thank PC, very informative information.
My reason being, the vent collars for my fridge smoker, did not look galvanized in the store. The salesman wasn't sure when asked nor did the tag state any useful information.. The next morning, I thought I saw a hint of galvanized, later in the day, they looked ok. Now I'm thinking of throwing them in my "burn barrel" with a HOT fire. Your thoughts?
cajun_1 it doesn't sound like you will be doing any welding on the collars, but you may want to burn them hot 2 or 3 times to release the zinc. Don't stand in the smoke watching em burn. Let them sit in there until they are cool.

While looking for the temps to release the zinc I found this article:

And for information of what can happen read this:

I wouldn't use any more galvanized than I was forced to, just because I wouldn't want to be sick or make someone else sick. I don't think you will be doing anything that is listed in the last article.. it's for information of what can happen given the right circumstances.

Good Luck
WOW...That is scary. Think I'll burn them anyway...2 or 3 times..
Thanks PC.
Instead of using an old fridge or something I was not sure about I followed Pynors method and used tounge and groove pine. The finished product was 2ftX2ftx6ft and holds over 70lbs of meat if needed and looks good. All fasteners are external and only metal inside is stainless rack and hook system. Not worth taking the chance or wasting the money on unknowns....and at only $70 why risk it.. you can never be sure you "burned" off anything.... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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