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  1. I'm trying this for the first time on the UDS. I've never done a butt or picnic without foiling. We'll see what comes of it. I've got a 10# picnic on the UDS right now (no qview yet). I wanted more bark without it being mushy so I chose not to foil. I removed the skin and used Jeff's rub and let it sit overnight been on the smoker for about 3 hrs now smoke temp holding strong on a breezy day at 230. Will be doing spares tomorrow. I'll post some pics later when it's done, I'm also doing some buckboard bacon. Will post pics later.
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    sounds good, coach!

    since you haven't done one un-foiled before, i'd recommend that you be prepared for the shoulder to get darker - probably a lot darker. nothing to be alarmed about, butu keep it in mind and resist the temptation to think it's burned!

    also, with no fat cap, you might need to mop a littlre often - results are worth it!

    you should be in for some good q! keep us posted!
  3. Thanks T. I'm using a carolina based mop sauce to do the spraying with. 1 cup distilled vinegar 1 cup water 5 tbs spoons of Jeff's rub and 1/3 cup of prepared bbq sauce.
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    sounds good! will look forward to the Q-view~[​IMG]
  5. Here it is after 5 hours and the second mopping.
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    looknig real good!
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    Looked real good. Any finals?
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    Oh man, that looks good. I wish I planned on a butt for today instead of Brats. Oh well.

    Doesn't that strap on your cooker burn???
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    Real nice looking shoulder. Can't wait for final pics.
  10. It finished and it went great. The picnic took 12.5 hrs. It pulled very easily but was definitely different than a butt. No foil is the only way I'm going to do it from now on. It probably takes longer but the end result is awesome bark and smoke flavor throughout. I used the new sauce described below and it was exactly what I've been looking for. This is the way I'll do butts from here on out. Here are the pics, of the finished shoulder, ribs before they got put in the smoker, some buck board bacon for brunch on the 5th and chicken wings that were smoked and then fried (they were excellent I encourage all to try!), and my plate after it had been loaded down. The food was prepared for the 4th and my Grandpa's 80th birthday. Happy 4th to everyone!t Nation we live in!

    I cooked the shoulder and the ribs in the UDS and put them both in the smoker right after I lit the coals. This way I didn't have to worry about temp spikes, moving around in a hurry, etc. The temps stayed around 225 to 250 in the rain with and EZ Up tent to shield it. I also used my Smoke Hollow as a warmer and cooked the wings and rib trimmings in there also. It was handy.

    Finished picnic

    Ribs before they went in the smoker, Sorry no finished pics of the ribs, it was pouring down rain and already had a few beers. You can see them on the final plate.

    Wings, they we're the best wings I've had. Please try them.

    Buckboard bacon before being chilled and sliced, I used slice country style ribs deboned and then cured with Hi-Mountain cure for 5 days. The family loved it. No leftovers of that.

    The finished plate, It had all homemade sides, absolutely awesome meal.
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    Nice! I bet it was delicious.
  12. It hasn't yet. It's a heavy strap that has steel s hooks on it. The temps don't get above 250 during the cook. I keep it on in the beginning to keep the lid extra tight and then usually leave it off after I take the lid off to mop or foil.

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