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Nice to be here


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Joined Mar 26, 2006
Hey everyone, just got on here over the weekend, can't stop going through all of the threads. I am self employed and cant seem to get going on my other computer work. smoked eggs, briskets, chickens, chicken wings, cheeses, smoker modifications and marinades, I am in heaven. Relatively new to smoking, some experience in the past with jerkys and such. Own a horizontal Char-grill with side fire box, purchased just before the winter. I have done chicken, ribs, brisket so far. Chicken was good (easy), ribs---chewy (probably needed more heat), brisket (tough needed more time to get the right internal temp). Funny though, it still tasted good. I also own a smaller charcoal grill, I smoke lots of stuff in that too, the smaller meals. Oh yeah, if you have not smoked the bacon fat taters yet, then you have no clue what your missing.

I need two translations GOSM and ECB ????????

Other hobbies, my kids soon to be five and six, and my nineteen year old marine, currently in SOI, and one of 6 out of 48 from his company selected for Recon. My girlfriend, she will try anything I cook and eat it too. Our dogs, Reggie, Tanqueray and Tonic (T and T are brothers). Fishing, hunting, hockey (go Sabres), and from time to time a good x-box game.

It is damn good to be here....


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Good to meet you OAR. Feel free to ask questions.

GOSM = Great Outdoors Smoky Mountain smoker
ECB = El Cheapo Brinkmann (referring to their bullet style smoker with no vents and a cheapy thermometer)


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Welcome to Smoking Meat Forum, OAR! Glad to see you're enjoying the treads, if on the off chance you can't find an answer to a question in the past threads, go ahead and ask away, we'll be glad to provide you with an answer.

When you get a chance to drop a line to your young Marine, let him know how much I appreciate him being in the service and thank him for the job that he and his brothers in arms are doing.


larry maddock

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yo oar dude.
good info is right here.
i have fun ---and also learn here.

i like char-broil prodocts.

ain't this place great!!


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First let me say hat's off to your son. As someone who enjoys his freedoms, I just like to say thanks to those that provide it to me.

Secondly, what is this about bacon fat tatters???? I have a feelin' this is something I've just got to try.


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I would like to welcome you to this site. This site has been a valuable recource to me and my girlfriend. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. I am excited to see new people join that are enthusiastic about smoking and the like. Aint smoking wonderful!!!!!!


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Another hearty welcom to the forum. Also, I'd like to have you pass on to your son my thanks for helping make our country free.


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Welcome to the family, OAR! We have a great time learning from each other and sharing our experience as well as our experiences! Sounds like you have a good thing going with your home and family! May God bless and keep your Marine safe as he ensures our safety and comfort! When you can give him our collective "Thumbs Up" and a hearty Semper Fi!


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Welcome OAR I to am a newbie. I am going to do my 3rd smoke this Saturday. The Menu is going to be 6 cickens, 24 ATB's, and 2 fatties. So far due the people here on this site I have had 2 succesful cooks. they have helpped me a lot. They even taught me how to modify my smoker and I have that half done and will finish it up tonight so I have it for Saturday. Anyways Welcome and glad to have you on board.


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