Newcomers coming to my family

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    Some of you might remember that my wife and I lost our rescue dog, Scooter after 14 years. This happened a little over 5 months ago. At the time it hurt my wife so bad, she told me "no more dogs." She just couldn't take the pain of losing them again.

    After a short trip to Orlando for 5 days and with her all alone in the house, she realized just how empty the house was. We got a message from another forum that I frequent that there were some pups at the Humane Society in Franklin County, near Carabelle, Florida that we may want to see. Cher acted somewhat interested but she put a lot of rules on the new pup. Had to be a female and couldn't be black (so not to remind us of Scooter). I did not have high hopes, but we made the 3 hour trek and once she held this Brindle female in her hands, her heart just melted.

    Meet Holly. She is a Poodle/Shih Tzu mix.
    I went around looking at other dogs in the shelter and when I finally arrived at the lobby got some news.

    This is Brick. Shorten from Brickle, which is the last name of the forum member who found the pups. Notice he is black and is a male. [​IMG]

    Man have I got some training to do. [​IMG]
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    Congrats on the new family member.
    I know how your wife felt, but a new pup will change your mind in a heartbeat.
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    I am happy you decided to adopt another family member. Good luck and have fun.

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