newbie's 3rd smoke

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Mar 23, 2006
New Matamoras, Ohio
Good Morning evrybody

I am going to do my 3rd smoke this weekend and decided to do up some fatties with maple syrup and some ABT's Jalapenos with cheese stuffed inside and topped off with some lightly cooked bacon and then wrapped with sauage. Does anyone have some tips I need to know about. Before I take on this endevour. I plan on doing some mod to my smoker thanks to bwsmith_2000 and Earl D-. this weekend before the smoke. I mite even slap on a couple of chicken because the misses loves my smoked chicken and as we all know behind every happy man is agood woman. I will also post some pics of the mod and the smoke.

Thanks all
Jake, when doing ABT's make sure to poke a hole or two in the narrow end of the pepper with a toothpick, this will allow the fat from the sausage to run out. When I do ABT's I use breakfast link sausage-I stick it in the pepper- cut off what sticks out, slide a couple of pieces of pepperjack cheese next to the sausage and lay a 1/3 slice of bacon over the top and use a toothpick to secure to bacon to the pepper.
That sounds good Earl D- and thanks for the advice I would of never thought about the grease thing. I do have a ABT tray fits 24 of them. and I am looking foward to the smoke since I love hot food. I am also thinking about doing this with Habaneros some time. Of coarse I would be the only 1 in my household that would eat them maybe a couple of friends. And thanks once again for your help Earl D-

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Sorry Im late... The way i like to make jalapenos is:
slice off the top, cut them in half lengthwise, scoop out the seeds (or leave a few in like i do for more heat), fill each side with cream cheese (or fill one half with cream cheese and the other half with crab meat or even procuito) match the halves back together. Here comes the good part; take one strip of bacon (uncooked) lay it over the hole in the top of the pepper so that one end is even with the bottom of the pepper and the other hangs way past the end of the pepper (hope i havent lost anyone cant really tell if im making any sense). Then proceed to wrap the rest of the bacon around the pepper and the little flap of bacon untill it reaches the top. Stick it with it's brothers on a bamboo skewer so that the bacon will not unwrap itself durring cooking, letting out all the cheese, and throw em to the Smoke Gods
I have grilled, baked, and smoked these and so far everyone likes the smoked best.
I started at 6 am put on 3 whole chickens cut in half. They are looking good. I could not find any jalapenos so got some bannana peppers and stuffed them with sausage and topped off with bacon with tooth pic soaked in water over nite. Putting the ABT's and Fatties on at 10:00 am and taking off at 1:00 pm. Thanks for the reply and you can be sure i'll try your recipie next weekend. Let the smoke God be with me today :-)

Here are some pics of my 3rd smoke. And everything came out great mouth watering. The family and friends Loved the cook. Thansk to all for the help and advice.

Way to go Jake, looks like everything turned out great. I too use the yellow banana peppers, my Mrs. doesn't like the heat of the jalepeno but she likes the yellow banana peppers. This spring I'll be planting two veriaties of jalepeno peppers, one (Tams) had a mild heat and the other Fooled you) has no heat. These peppers are offered by Henry Field's Seed and Nursery. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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