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Original poster
Apr 29, 2007
Pueblo, Colorado
My first post here. Please be gentle. I have a Chargriller with the side fire box. The manufacturer recommends whole logs. They are quite specific when stating that chunks, chips, and coals will not provide the heat required. Go to for the details. Number 12.

1. Is there a trick to avoid using whole logs?
2. If not where can I get whole logs?
3. Another member here, and he is a member on another board we frequent mentioned the minion method. Anyone care to share the details?
welcome to SMF... be sure to hit up roll sure to check out jeff's 5 day eCourse, its free

the minion method is used for charcoal i believe...

just google "minion method" and it will give you all the details you could ever
Heya, Goose5!

Don'y worry about being treated gently here! We are the most helpful and THE friendliest forum on the net! No BS, no trashing allowed and nuthin' but good folks here to help!

Please get yourself in to the "Roll Call" section so we can give you a right and proper welcome.

Then browse down to the section on equipment and particularly wood fired smokers. Post your questions there and you will get faster results!

Happy you found us!

Welcome goose5, nice to have you on the forum. PLease feel free to share your smoking adventures and to use the useful knowledge provided by the many friendly people on the forum.
The Weber Bullett website has alot of information on the minion method with tons of tips also. You should check it out when able.
hey goose welcome to SMF you'll like it here..i have a similar side box unit and i use lump charcoal and it provides more than enough heat to do the job

welcome Goose, glad u found us! nice to see a CG owner, building a likeness to that unit myself. A lot of knowledge on this forum so fire away with any questions

P.S. we lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve food porn
first id like to say Welcome goose.

I use a chargriller myself as far as whole logs its not "required" you can use lump charcoal or pretty much whatever to heat. Just add chips or chunk wood for the actual smoke. however if you use chips you might want to buy a cast iron smoke box or wrap in foil and poke some holes in it or they will burn way to fast. hope this helps.
Welcome Goose -

Manufacturers have to be pretty specific for liability reasons. I think most folfs here use lump charcoal, wood chunks and chips in that smoker.
Welcome Goose5!
We are here to help you. Just read the forum and you will learn alot. You can ask questions and I can guarantee some one will answer your question. Welcome to SMF!

Hey goose5, while the tips section states to use whole logs, I've never seen anyone use whole logs unless they burn them down in a burn barrel then add the large embers to the firebox. I have seen folks add "splits†or sticks (whole logs that have been split length-wise in half then in half again) to the charcoal thatâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s in the firebox. Hope this helps. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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