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Feb 13, 2006
Chillicothe MO
Hello All-

I'm a new member to this forum and I'm very excited about learning more about smoking. My boyfriend and I just got a new smoker, a Brinker Charcoal Smoker from Wal-Mart. We just smoked our first peice of meat this weekend and were very pleased with the results. We smoked a small chuck roast with a mix of oak and hickory (90% oak chunks and 10% hickory chips). The smoke flavor was wonderful, our only complaints were that the rub was too salty (easily fixed) and the sauce we bought for dipping was too spicy. Dose anyone have a good BBQ sauce that they would recomend or a recipe that they would like to share? We can't wait to try some other types of meat, such as ribs and fish. I'm so glad we've stumbled onto this site, I can tell we'll get some great info from it.

Welcome J, you've come to the right place, all are friendly and have a wealth of info. If you do a little poking around the site you will find the answers to your questions, (not cutting you short, I'm suppose to be working), and when I get more time, I will be more than happy to share some of my recipes with you. BEAR
Hi Jlloyd-check out the Recipe Forum and the Recipes link on the left side of the page. Some good info can be found there. Also check out my Pork Loin with Mahogany sauce-Markeli and I are doing some ribs this weekend and we are both goning to try the sauce as a glaze for the ribs.

We are always happy to share our tips and tricks with those starting out-if you can't find an answer in the Forum let us know ans someone will get back to you with an answer.
Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I have checked out the recipe forum and it's a wealth of information. I've got two or three recipes that I've already added to my notebook and will have to try them soon.

The Mahogany Sauce sounds great, I'll definatly give it a try.
howdy jlloyd,

glad you could join, i myself just joined about 6 weeks ago but have been here for a while. like you i found a quick love for smoking......the food is not even the fun part (even tho its darn good), its the hours of smoking that makes it good for me. i usually plan on a few small things to be ready about every 3-4 hours so i can eat all day.

i have heard VERY good things about jeffs naked ribrub and bbq sauce recipes. i myself am buying them next week, and plan on wearing them out quick.

talk to you soon in here or another post!!!
I have to make a quick amendment to my original post. My boyfriend just informed me that we have a Brinkman not a Brinker. I think ya'll call them ECB's. Just don't want to confuse anyone. We're going to fire it up again this weekend, I just don't know what we're smoking yet. I'll have to see what's good at the butchers. Maybe a tritip or a pork loin or something. I'll have to take pictures this time and share with everyone.
You go Girl! Check out the pics of the smoked beef roasts in the Beef section. Maybe that will help you decide. :)
i myself am a huge fan of the pork loin. its a short 4 hour cook and you have a lot of leftovers. its so juicy and tender and flavorful. the rub i have found i like the most is Fiesta Brand extra fancy Rib Rub, found for sure at albertsons grocery (thats the only place i have looked for it tho). i use it on ribs (like you couldnt figure that out) and pork loin. it has just a hint of sweetness to it witch i think complements the pork very well.

i then vaccume seal them either 1 or 2 per package and will eat them for weeks, it makes an easy meal or snack. i have found to leave them in the package and microwave for 2 min for the most part but no more then 2 min 30 seconds. before i had a sealer i would just double wrap them in plain plastic witch works great too but wont stay as long in the freezer.

i have to stay out of these forums. i was reading a few days ago and now im making pulled pork this weekend and now i read this i will be adding a pork loin to eat mid way thru the smoke. the worst part is im not going to have any room for the jerky i was planing on making. :cry:

good luck and talk to you soon
Brother Buzzard, that is why there is TWO days in a weekend. On day one you can do your butts and pork loin and then on day two you can do your jerky. Simple solution! Glad I could help!!! :P 8)
Welcome jlloyd99 or Lady J, as I've seen in another thread.

Congrats on you first on hopefully many smokes. Too salty, I can understand, but what's this you say about too spicy?
I also like to reduce the amount of salt in rubs and compensate by adding "flavor". :D

Hope to see you around often.
What can I say Bob-BQN. The boy and I are tenderfoots and both fans of the sweeter sauces. The Gates Original is what we used and of course I had to doctor it up a bit to try and take some of the heat out but to no avail. It still had us running to the fridge for water and beer. If you like the heat though you should definatly try this brand, it's out of Kansas City but I got it at our local Wal-Mart. From now on I think I'll stick to my trusty old KC Masterpiece with a few of my own secret ingredients thrown in.
I grew up in Kansas City Missouri eating at Gate's & Sons on occasion and love their food & sauce. Our local Wal-Mart used to carry Gate's BBQ sauce but it seemed to disappear from the shelves a few years back. Then I found an interview with Ollie Gates on Martha Stewart's web site where he gave the recipe for his original sauce, dry rub, and baked beans, so now I can make it whenever we want some (except I cut back 1/2 the celery seed
). Great sauce, really brings back memories. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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