Newbie with first smoker

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Original poster
Nov 8, 2006
North TX
Hello all

I just purchased my first smoker and need to season it. Friends of mine are telling me to cover the entire inside with oil when seasoning. However, the instructions in bold print says to coat only the grates and none of the painted surfaces. Your help would be grately :D appreciated.
It's from BBQ Galore(their brand) offset firebox. I'll probably go with a Turkey breast as my first try. Thanks for the info.
Not familiar with that one. Normally all you need to coat with oil is any metal that is not painted, or coated. That is, only coat items like cast iron. Although if you do get oil onto other surfaces, it will not hurt it. A lot of people rub theirs down with shortening, or something along that line. I put veggie oil into a spray bottle and just sprayed my smoker when I got it. All over, inside and out. Then seasoned it, sprayed again, and kept the heat on it as instructed.

Good luck.

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