Newbie Thanks you all

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jul 7, 2007
Edmond, OK
Guys and Gals, only been on the forum a few days but have learned a lot.
I have smoked for a long time but not to your level. Recently bought an electric smoker when my old one finally gave out. Thought I would share some pictures also.
Tonight I decided to cook a small Prime Rib roast in the smoker, it was a 3 pounder(just the wife and I), I rubbed olive oil,sea salt,fresh ground pepper and garlic on it and let it sit over night.
Attachment 3620
I also threw in a few chicken breasts that I brined over night.
Attachment 3621
I soaked the pecan chips in apple juice and Jack Daniels, the Rib Roast only took 2.5 hours to reach 125 Degrees, yes we love it still beating!Attachment 3622
I sprayed the roast half way with a mixture of apple juice,red wine and olive oil. It was great!
Attachment 3623



MmmmMmmm, thanks for the pics. I get a little excited everytime I see a prime rib. I don't know how I can be so full of brisket, beans, and tater salad and still be jealous, but I am. Looks good!
Looks like an awesome job! Bet it was tasty.
Looks good PTJD! You might want to slice into that prime rib again, it ain't dead yet!

Just give'n ya a hard time, I take my prime rib to about 155*. We like med-well to well done steaks though.

Don't get me wrong, I'd still eat it........probably all of it!

Job "well done", even if it is rare.
Thanks Ultra, we love horse radish with the prime rib so I got some fresh ground and mixed with some creme fraiche and it was great! next time i will take it out at 120 degrees and let it sit till 125, we thought 130 was a tad over cooked for our taste.
We also warmed the baked potatoes in the smoker.
Attachment 3625
Debi thanks, we live on a golf course so we have to keep it within a certain look. You should see the golfers comming by when I'm smoking!

Big Al, boy your missing out if your eating your prime rib medium, we love it when we have to clamp the blood vessles so we don't get squirted with blood when were eating!

This Sunday were going to do a brisket, my wife is going to cook her's with claudes marinade and in a crock pot (I know, I know!).
I will of course be smoking, it will be a throw down between the two of us.
I will post the results. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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