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Jun 21, 2007
Hey Folks...

So for Father's Day, the wife and daughter said I could get a smoker. Not overly expensive though (of course). We are building a new deck, so charcoal is out of the question. I don't want a huge one since I have a large grill already.

I guess my question is this....gas or electric? And which model for the money is the "best". I basically just want to smoke some ribs, roast etc. and sit back, drink a beer, listen to music and enjoy the new deck.

Any help?
Welcome Vol, head on over to roll call and get a proper intro, as far as cheap n easy (i resemble that remark)
a brinkman electric will run ya about $65.00, its a set it and forget it smoker and a great starter smoker, which makes some awesome Q. good luck
I have one of each, I learned for almost two years on the electric then got the bigger gasser. Benefits to both, biggest thing is to make sure you can adjust temp. Lots and lots of people here have the GOSM. There are a few mod's they've made and all seem very happy. I think you have to pay closer attention to the gas in case of temp spikes, but if you're sitting next to it throwing a couple back, then it's no biggie!!!

BTW, welcome aboard!
Man...what a welcome. Usually you get those "do a search" welcomes on other types of forums.

I could probably talk the wife into spending in the $300 range. I was hoping for stainless steel to match the grill and the beverage cart. I saw Cabela's has a stainless steel smoker (propane) and an electric one built by masterbuilt, any thoughts on those? What are the plus and minus's of gas vs. electric? Why is the sky blue?
I have the MES, picked it up at Cabela's last summer. Bought mine in the bargain cave and saved about $75, was never used, just returned.

I like the MES even though you will need to do the modifications mentioned in the following post:

I added the vent on top as well as the latches on the door. All in all, I like mine, it's nice to set it and just walk away.

You will have to watch for a flare up if you open the door and the wind's blowing just right, you may see some flames shooting out the wood chip hole :-) This only happened once to me and it was my fault for leaving the door open that long.

I've not had a problem with the temp to much, it does move around a bit but it stays around the set temp, +/- 5-7 degrees.

This is just my opinion.
I love my GOSM!!!

It's not a set it and forget it type....but once you understand it's operation and get familiar with yours it is pretty darn easy to use.

Just my opinion......
They used to make a stainless model, but I haven't seen one for some time.
No, no, no. What you were supposed to say is that yes they still make it and it is considered to be the best smoker money can buy and that I can get it from Amazon for $99.99 with free shipping.

In all seriousness, I have read that propane is a better way to go for smoking than electric because electric doesn't produce good "smoke". Is this true?
Any thoughts on the Cajun Injector Electric Smoker sold by Academy Sports?
doesn't produce good smoke?
Heat is heat, and wood doesn't know what lit it. My MES is awesome. Stainless, looks great, cleans easy, love it.
I have a GOSM and have no complaints. Ask a million questions here to learn the pros and cons of electric vs. propane, and then I suggest you go out and spend some time looking at what is out there. Kind of a get acquainted with the various types and manufacturers. Get your hands on a few of them. When you find the one that you feel comfortable with, that will be the one you buy.
Some folks have said that electric smokers don't produce "smoke rings" on the meat. Not saying true, just that what some have said. That would be my only concern.
So was looking at home depot to take advantage of the 0% financing. They have 2 smokers that interest me. The GOSM for $189 and the Bradley for $299. It says the Bradley is currently out of stock, so don't know if that means more are coming or not. Bradley looks good but have to buy special "wood biscuits". So questions are: 1) If I order from with in my local Home Depot, will I be charged for shipping? And how much I wonder? 2) Any thoughts on either of these products?
Oh almost undoubtedly will be paying the shipping.

You can check for sure....but I was looking at the same units a while back and I am almost sure they want you to pay the shipping.

Call and ask if you start getting ready to pull the trigger on a sale.
Well that may be a deal breaker. I can't imagine what they would want to charge me for a 75 pd. unit.
I have a GOSM and like it a lot. I can't help you out with electric. But the GOSM holds alot of food and like it was said "it's not a set it and forget it" kind of smoker. But really close to it. I would never leave it for a long period of time, because it it propane and there is a chance it will blow out. It has never happened to me yet. But checking on the meat and temps. are all in the fun part of the smoke. And if I'm not mistaking it does come in stainless, but I'm not sure if they still are making them now. I seen it on E-Bay once.
You are absolutely right about the fun is checking it. I will never smoke overnight anyways. How long will it run on propane?
FOREVER!!!!!! I've been smoking on the same tank for over 50 hours and it's still not empty. But I think that may vary, outside temps. and things like that. I have an extra tank but it just sit's there with cob webs on it. But I'm not complaining. Seeing how you're only keeping the temp. at 250 or less, it isn't using that much propane. I got mine at Wal Mart for 98.00. The best money I have ever spent. And with the help of all the people here, I'll be smokin for the rest of my life. I'm a smokin addict now.
Sounds great. I think I am leaning towards the GOSM at Home Depot because I think I read that the one at Walmart isn't built as well? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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