newbie in seattle

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Dec 14, 2006
Everett Washington
okay guy's, I'm jumping back into making sausage and purchased a nice little electric smoker for a good price, and many shouts out of thanks to illini already for his awsome input and help (even thou he has the older model!!!). Durning my research for a nice little electric unit I came across this forum and said....BOOKMARK ASAP.......and already I'm happy because there are alot of very knowlegable folks here and some good recipes as well.......

end result.....first smoke on the masterbuilt unit.....totally a success and a very happy and fulfilled family begging for more......what else can I say?????
Though we have already met.....Welcome!
Hope your corned beef and pastrami turn out to your liking

Always happy to help a fellow Masterbuilt'r

Hope JR.S is still around.....maybe the holidays has him busy....

Good luck and good smokin :?
Welcome to SMF smoked!!! There are a few other sausage guys around here and I hope to be one soon. I need a stuffer to round out my stuff. I'm getting tired of making sausage but not being able to make links. :oops:

Look forward to seeing you in the forums and reading about your projects.
hello smoked

welcome to the site i also live in the pacific northwest a small town west of seattle goes by the name of forks any way i make a lot of sausage different kinds and i will be glad to help you out if you have any questions just ask away i will try and help out when i can

ultra mag
you can get a 5 pound stuffer from northern tool for $80.00 it is a nice stuffer for the price the only problen is that it does not come with the 10 mm tube for making snackstix a freand of mine made one and it works fine on this machine another place to buy a lot of sausage making supplies is weston supply they have a lot of reconditioned equipment for sale at reasonable prices check them out

well if you guys need any help with anything just give me a holler i will try and help you out

Cool, would appreciate any help. I actually live north of seattle in unincorperated everett just outside of lake stevens......


I'd also suggest looking at LEM for a stuffer, they have some really good prices (in fact I'm waiting on my new grinder from them to show up here in a few days) super nice folks there!!!!! granted they don't have a 5 lb stuffer at that price, but you never know what is in their refurb section either!!! :D keeping in mind that I've never used a stuffer myself, I have always just used a stuffer attachement on the grinder....but then again it's not like I'm making a ton of sausage!!!!
smoked, glad to have you here. Looking forward to your posts.

Welcome to the forum. I'm just getting into sausage, have made breakfast , but no links as of yet. Looking forward to your posts. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.