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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by jbpace, Mar 11, 2008.

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    My former college roommate and I have been casually smoking meat for years during our annual campout, but he's decided to start making his own sausages and smoked meats and wants to upgrade equipment.

    I was the engineer, so I've been tasked with replacing the dinky charcoal smoker we've used with a larger propane model. I'm leaning toward a GOSM 3605BGD with a thermostat mod. He & I agree we will sacrifice some flavor, but are willing to trade it for the increased temperature stability and reduced tending hassle. Neither of our wives (or either our two kids) want us spending any more time than absolutely necessary on yet another new new hobby!

    Sadly my training is in electrical engineering, so I'm going to have to brush off 20 years of memory dust to try and figure out how to add a thermostat. I'll dig through the archives and see what I can learn. I'd make him do it, but he studied accounting!!

    Thanks for providing this great resource,
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    Glad you joined us, welcome to SMF !!!
    I will bet someone will be along shortly with temperature control advice.
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    jb: first welcome aboard! Second, if you are lookin to control the temperature on a gasser (never did the redi builts, built one of my own) I used a thermostat which controlled a gas valve with a pilot light, just like an oven or furnace. Worked supper well for me.
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    Welcome to the site.......Glad to have you here..............
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    Welcome to the forum Jon![​IMG]
  6. lc in va

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    welcome to the forum,glad you are here.
  7. jbpace

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    I'm working on designing a custom thermostat, but that's where I get confused (unfortunately common [​IMG] ). I've seen messages on the forum [the mod Cajunsmoker & Smokin Stang developed] using a gas valve (Grainger #2E854) with a pilot light (Grainger #1RC59) and a "standard electric oven thermostat (2 pole)". I've found the valve & pilot, but I can't figure out what thermostat they're describing. If anyone knows a link, that would go a long way toward helping me figure it out.

    I'm not going to have access to electrical power - just propane - so maybe that's the wrong design to use.

    I'm looking into an alternative, but have no idea if it would work. It looks to be a stand-alone unit for a gas thermostat, but I haven't learned enough to know if it requires more parts (like the gas valve and/or pilot above). You can take a look at it at:

    Any pointers anyone can give me to keep me from blowing my family up would be greatly appreciated!


    p.s. Should have given my full name earlier - Jon Pace. Currently living in Germantown, TN (outside Memphis) and working for FedEx Express. Great company to work for! [​IMG]
  8. gobbledot

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    Jon welcome [​IMG] to smf and glad to see another BIG ORANGE person on board. The only thoughts I would give is to forget the thermostat mod and use it as is (but I am new to this). I have one of the GOSM wide bodys from Walley World and it does great. The only problem I have is I just dont get enough time to do as much as I would like.. [​IMG]
  9. desertlites

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    welcome aboard-you say wife & kids don't want you spending anymore time on another hobby? do they eat? and do they like BBQ?-get them involved! heck theres lots they can do to help out & feel rewarded with the good meals that come from the hobby.Heck my lady really likes washing out hog caseings(don't ask)my kids were brought up on back to basic way of life-granted they changed some now,but some of there fondest memories were home foods.
  10. bertjo44

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    Welcome, though I am not sure I like the way you wrote 'studied accounting'[​IMG] being an accountant myself. You just need to get your wife to understand that the more you smoke the less she has to cook.[​IMG]
  11. fireguy

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    Welcome, look forward to seeing your progress on your smoker, take pics and keep us posted. Sorry cant help ya with a themo, not a Gas man.
  12. travcoman45

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    JB: might be easier to find yourself a used gas stove and cannibalize it for parts, that way you would have everything you would need, just be sure to get one that dosen't require power to ignite it, the older ones had a standing pilot. The gas valve is built into the thermostat on most of these, would eleminate some of the hassle. Good luck, let us know if we can help out some more.
  13. jbpace

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    Accounting vs. engineering is his excuse for why I should be the one responsible. To be fair, he has trouble using a screwdriver, but cooking-wise his skills kick my tushy all around the room [​IMG]. While I'm the developer, he's the artist!


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