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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jun 16, 2007
Surprise, AZ
I thought when smoking that their would be a lot of smoke in the air and I would be smelling up the neighborhood with the smells of wood chips burning. Yet it didn't do that.

Did I do something wrong? wood chips were soaked for an hour is it possible that is why it didn't?
You really don't want a huge amount of smoke... a thin blue smoke is what you want to achieve. I don't think you did anything wrong... how did the food turn out?
Iguess i achieved the correct amount of smoke, however the turkey breast was fed to my dog. It was terrible very rough and had a raw turkey smell to it , yet the meat was white not red or pink. I posted about it in the poultry forum. I was very bummed out at how it turned out. I did something wrong???
Sounds like you did a good job. The smoke should be thin and blue NOT bilowy and white like a campfire. The smell does travel for miles I think. Not strong and over powering just a light simple I'm hungry kind of smell.

So what did you smoke and where are the pictures?
Putting my two cents worth in I would say you didnt smoke it long enough. As far as the toughness I like to spray my meats down with some kind of fruit juice while I am smoking(apple, cherry, pinapple, Cranberry peach mixture was the one I used last night) Not only does it ad flavor but always makes the meat juicy, NO PUN INTENDED!

Just a thought raise your temp alittle bit and smoke longer. dont be afraid to make that bird look burnt. The inside is what counts.
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