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  1. mike johnson

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        I have been here in Antarctica for a while and a perk is being able to go over to the New Zealand base on Thursdays. I admit I am starting to enjoy buying some extra bottles of their wine to enjoy on my Sundays. They have some great family owned wineries in their selection and the Scott family winery is my favorite. 
  2. Happy April Mike!!! You are missed and it's so great to hear from you!!!

    Those wines must be sensational and it's great to learn about the Scott family! Thank you for sharing!!!

    I think the family run wineries are the true gifts, as the huge outfits can be so junky today and just loaded with chemicals to help preserve the goods due to huge export to grocery stores and the like.

    You must be having some wonderful sips there!!! AND, last you mentioned, the food you were eating was just top of the line!!! Fantastic!!!

    It's a treat to hear how it's going there and I'm so happy to learn of these New Zealand wines you try!

    You can teach us, (and certainly teach me), about New Zealand's great finds!!! It sounds incredible!!!

    Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah
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    Mount Difficulty a good wine outfit from Central Otago in South Island of NZ if you come across it.
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    I haven't tried New Zealand wines. I will look for them.

  5. moikel

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    Villa Marie a good North Island outfit. Our friends "across the ditch" have a cool climate thing going on. They make some impressive whites,chardonay ,pinot gris.I hate sav /blanc so you will have to do your own research Oyster Bay not a bad start if to insist on starting in the first place[​IMG]

    Reds are a bit of a challenge South Island its pinot noir & it aint cheap! They have cracked the code & there are some quality wines.

    North Island they grow some merlot ,cabernets as well but they need to be in the warmer parts,Hawkes Bay or similiar to get them to ripen.

    They do make good beer, Monteiths & Speights from the South Island ,big company ,well big for NZ, lots a micro's.
  6. mike johnson

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     Not a big fan of the Speights but the have a Moa Pale Ale that is pretty good and its buy one get one free because its just a bit past expiration date. ( Anything in Antarctica that is within a year of expiration is good).
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    Mike....... Morning or what ever time it is there.... OH !!!! Probably evening would be better huh ..... sounds like you are getting comfy in you "new" habitat..... Thinking about signing up for a second tour yet ?? The Aussie's got any of their outstanding beer available....
    Enjoy your stay... HAHAHAHAHA.....


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