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Mar 24, 2007
HI everyone! Been lurking and learning from this forum for years and have finally learned enough computer to join and hopefully become actively involved. Ive been playing around for fifteen years using a NB black diamond smoker with very satisfying results. Thanks to all for the tips and recipes so readily shared on this forum! I am currently waiting for a custom built portable offset unit to be finished, as my son and I would like to try our hand at catering some BBQ here in new england. Yankees are not too familiar with real BBQ but I am convinced that once they try it theyll be hooked. Wish us luck.
IF's it's good Q then Yankees are OK

and welcome

Welcome Cardinal. Keep us updated on your bbq'n w/son, sounds like a real fun time.

Learn to post pics, we'd all like to see what you can do.
Welcome aboard Cardinal. Glad your here. It is hard for me to hear 'New England' and 'Yankee' in the same sentence without a kringing thought of Bucky F'ing Dent ........... Where are you from?
Welcome Cardinal

From one Yankee to another. Just don't be to surprised if some ignorant fool pours ketsup all over your BBQ without tasting it first.
Welcome to the SMF cardinal. Great folks here, so pull a a chair and jump right in!!

Glad you found us.
Cardinal hails from the Bay State (Western Mass), the Berkshires to be exact. Although a born and bred Yankee I cant help but feel connected to the South and Southern Culture. (must be the food and the music)Anyway, no food or cooking tips from me today but for a real music treat look what I just found at! enjoy.
Hey, Cardinal!

Welcome to our friendly little spot here. Happy to see you finally joined up with us and came outta the shadows.

I am a Yankee of the true sort as well but how I do like Q!

Grew up in Maine, lived just north of Boston for about 27 years and now live in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. I did spend some time around the Springfield area way back when and I kinda liked western Mass.

Early last summer I put on a feed for about a hundred folks at a 25th anniversary party and have hosted a number of get togethers on my property. Many converts to the "Thin Blue" have come from those doings.

Hope you continue to enjoy our company!

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