New WSM!!

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Nov 11, 2006
Purchased a new WSM yesterday from my local grill shop. Was trying to wait till today to fire it up for the first time but I just couldn't stand the wait any longer. I assembled it yesterday evening and thought I would try the "Fatty" everyone talks about. Figured that would cook quickly enough. I have to say, all of you guys were right. The WSM is amazing. Not once did I have to add charcoal to the fire. My temps hovered around 220 - 265. I really have to do some reading on how to best control the temp on this unit, but it was much easier to control then my old sidebox smoker. The Fatty's came out perfect and were delicious. If anyone has some suggestions on ways to control temp on the WSM I am all ears. Thank you in advance.
Personally I don't own a WSM, but there are many here that do. I'm sure someone will be along soon with some helpful suggestions. Glad to hear your "fatties" turned out well on your first WSM smoke.
I hear so much good about the WSM it is hard to not buy one just to see for myself.

Anywho, liquiddirt, in my internet travels I discovered this little gadget and it sure sounds interesting. If it really works as I have heard and the company claims you would be almost as lazy as some of us that dabble in the propane world of smoking. Here is the link:

The BBQ Guru

Mind you this is not a personal recommendation, just something I know alot of WSM'ers use. The Pit Minder at $85 seems to be the most popular choice. One of the most interesting things about this combo to me is that with this combo cold-smoking is supposed to be very much a reality with the WSM. Let me know what you think!
Thanks for the reply. I actually want to tend the fire myself but just need some tips on using the WSM. Very nice suggestion though and thanks for the info.
Your welcome! I agree with you for the most part. I always thought that was pretty silly to use, but that cold smoking thing was pretty cool I thought.

Good Luck with the WSM and keep us up to date on how you like it. Very interested in them myself.
I've only had my WSM since October so I am by no means an expert, but did you have trouble with temp control? How did you start the charcoal. If you haven't already do a search on here for the Minion Method, to me it is the easiest way to get long controlled cooks of the WSM. The other advise I can give you is to make any adjustments earlier than you think, it takes awhile (20 minutes or so) for any adjustments on the WSM to take effect. The hardest thing for me when I first got the WSM was not to react to every little change in the temp and just let it cook
I will be using the Minion method nex time and I will let you know how it goes. How do you use the minion method with your WSM? I guess I mean how many coals do you actually add lit to the remaining "cold" coals?
It depends if you're using lump or not.
I have used only lump charcoal in my WSM but here is my procedure, which I'll admit is still a work in progress.

I fill the charcoal ring up with unlit lump. How much I put in there depends on how long I need to keep the cook going. If am doing ribs I may just fill it half way, If I am doing a pork butt I fill it as full and as dense as I can get it. I will also mix in some of my smoking wood of choice with the unlit charcoal.

I then fill my charcoal lighter about 1/2 - 2/3 full and light that. Once it's lit I spread that out on top of the unlit coals. I'll also put a some smoking wood on top to get some smoke early.
I probably use a little more lit charcoal than some people, but I've only done cold weather smokes so far.
The less lit you use the longer it will take to come up to temp. but I've found using less lit initially makes for a longer cook.
That sounds like a plan. Will give it a try Saturday just before the Saints hopefully kick the Eagles butt. Thank you for all of the info.

You seasoned your smoker after you assembled it right? Before you cooked. Sounds good. Post some pics man!
Don't know if you have them down there, but Ace Hardware Stores is the only place I have actually been able to see one. Maybe try Lowes, Home Depot, and don't you guys have Academy Sports down there. Academy carries alot of smokers, but we don't have a local store and not sure if they have Weber. Good luck on the search.

BTW, welcome to the SMF family userabuser. Why don't you head up to Roll Call and introduce yourself? Also, through the Smoking Meat Store wormhole on the forums you can buy through your host on the internet. I just looked yesterday, good price and Amazon usually ponies up the shipping cost.
I tried calling ALL the places I could think of today. No dice.. I see them Amazon. Looks like I'm ordering from there... It's 3am here, cold as all get out, and I'm babysitting the offset grille as we speak. Rib's and Brisket. :)

Have to admit, it's a bit hard to keep the temp up when it's 11 degrees out there.. I've got some towels on it. Looks like we're going to cook really low and slow this go 'round.

Got a big fire going on and shoveling coals in as needed..

Hey Guys...I have owned a WSM Since June 2005 and love it ..there are mods you can do to your WSM make it better..Check out Virtual Weber Bullet I have added handles to mine..much easier to move..I have changed out my water pan for a larger you don't have to keep adding water and I turned my door upside down...I use the minion method..but I take a small coffee can and cut both sides out of it, place it in the middle of the charcoal ring and then fill up the ring...I then light about 20 pieces of charcoal in my chimney starter and put them inside the coffee can...then I take a pair of pliers and pull the can out...this has worked much better for me than placing the coals on top...The biggest thing I've learned about the WSM is wind is the enemy,...check out the link will definitely help you LOVE your WSM.. :D
I found a WSM on craigslist it had been used once and the people did not have the patience to use it again. It came with a cover, rib rack and welders gloves. I have yet to cook on it but have gotten a clay pot base, larger water pan and handles to add to it. Trying to decide which thermometer to add to the lid. The WSM site is a must see!
Thought I'd give you some feedback. I ordered the wsm from amazon on thursday, paid only 10.00 freight (1 day) and got it the next day.

Here's my first results. It was a bit warmer this time. 20%. First, I was amazed at it's ability to hold a temperature. About 6 hours on a full load. Remember, it was 20%. Next, adding water is a pain. Got to get something with a long snout or something to pour it in. I got a long temp guage at wally world, left the top screw out of one of the tray holders and it slipped in just under the top grate. I put an oven temp guage beside the meat on the bottom grate. The temp between the two grates varied by 15%. :(
I lit the coals in a hmmm coal lighter thingy. Then put them on top of the pile of charcoal and what amounted to 4 fist sized woods chunks.

Now, here's the bad.. I was in such a hurry, I did not plan the burn time, I just started cooking. At about 7am the next morning, I was brain dead tired and the meat was done. Soooo, I told the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed wife to keep it warm and went to bed again. She wrapped in foil and put it in the oven on warm (that was to warm I think??) When we got around to eating at about 1pm, the meat tasted good etc, but was very dry... First time I've made a dry brisket.. You think it was the warming for 5 hours without adding water?
When I am done with a cook...I wrapped the meat in foil and put blankets around that and then into my can leave it in there for hours...and it will stay warm.....putting it in the oven...I believe the meat continued to cook...that is why it's for adding water...I just used a empty two liter soda bottle.... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.