New vacuum sealer

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Aug 31, 2006
Florence, Az
I just picked up a Foodsaver brand vacuum sealer yesterday, model V840. My local market had it on sale $60 off. Since the wife and I have been talking about getting one for a while anyways, I grabbed an extra 18' roll of bag material. It rained all day but parted long enough to get a quick smoke in....some fatties, a few hot links and some manufactured meat product (the smoking did help it taste better). I vacuumed sealed the leftovers last night and that machine is awesome! Can't wait to vacuum seal the cat!!
Thats a good deal, they are a great investment when we make alot more than we can eat, i use mine all the time, and the bags are great for reheating. Get the cat declwed first, you don't want him to have a escape option, and stuffing him in could get a little ugly.
You won't regret it! I use mine all the time for all sorts of stuff. I'm brining in some rght now. Double seal the edges for liquids. They extend the shelf life of meats in the freezer too.
Love my vacuum sealer... great way to buy veggies in season and then freeze... also great for traveling.

I also use mine for buying large volumes of hops for brewing beer, then measuring out the amounts I typically need and vacuum sealing them.
Good choice. I went the cheap route and bought a Black and Decker. Big mistake. Loud machine that struggles to seal items. The large bag almost always crimps up at the seal even though I give it a ton of extra bag material to work with. Can't wait for it to quit working. Hmmm, maybe I will knock it off the counter and see what happens then!
One use I just heard of....when you have an opened tube of caulking or liquid nails, vacuum seal it and it won't dry out between uses.
Great machines! I have a boat and do a lot of deep sea fishing. The food saver does a wonderful job on fish. I seal them and then freeze them. I keep them pretty well rotated but I can say the even at six months, the fish still taste like they were just caught. And, of course, they are great on left overs from the smoker. My wife and I take advantage of some of the super market specials on meat .... yep, you got it ..... vacum seal and into the freezer. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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