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Discussion in 'Beef' started by myturn, Jun 25, 2008.

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    My guy and I just became the proud owners of a Traeger grill. We are planning on doing a couple of rib-eye steaks tomorrow for his birthday. We tried a couple of strip loins when we first got it and I have to admit I was a little disappointed. Having said that, I realize it is an oven and not a grill per se. I am thinking that with the rib steaks, the extra fat might make a difference. Does anyone have suggestions or comments on the best cooking routine, marinade, etc.? They would be most appreciated.
  2. bigbear

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    Maybe it was an American rib eye!! Just kidding! Congrats on your new grill. I use a Traeger and don't claim to be an expert but many users have been disappointed with steaks. A Traeger at max temp is only good to about 400, maybe 450 degrees F. Frankly, IMHO, that isn't hot enough to cook a good steak. You would be much happier using a small Weber for grilling and your Traeger for "Low and Slow" cooking. Or even baking. Anything under 400 degrees F.

    I know lots of people do steaks on their Traeger but I'm not one of them. Fat content or marinading won't make a lot of difference if the grill isn't hot enough. I made some rib eyes (marinaded) I bought at Costco recently and the concensus was they were the best steaks we'd ever had. But I did them on a Weber. I'd be happy to share the recipe if you send me a note on my private messages.

    Good luck!
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    jump on over into roll call and introduce yourself. maybe also check out the grilling threads. you'll find some good stuff there.
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    Definately wouldn't do single serve steaks on a traeger. It's just not what it is built for. A 15lb prime rib on the other hand...well the traeger would make a masterpiece out of that!

    A $20 portable propane grill would be better for steaks than a Traeger.

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