new toy for the grill

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I can tell ya from usin' 'em, they work great! Only thing is, I dunno if ya really need the beer cans with the water pan. I never did taste any beer flavor, (that I could recognize), even with the beer in such close proximity to the meat! Mebbe something stronger? Wine, peach schnapps, etc.?

In fact, since I really like my chickens sitting upright in the smoker, I'm gonna experiment a bit, see if I can use my beer can stands without the can. Lets the smoke get into the innards of the chicken. That and mebbe some higher alcohol content, concentrated liquids in the beer can....
Gee! now they have twins ... next they will have a six pack!
I noticed right after i posted i had this in the wrong section should have been under grills but anyway.
I just noticed tonight 3 of these would fit side by side on this grill, (6 chickens at once) gives me a few ideas.

Crushed Garlic in the can would give off a good taste Deb

i got a bottle of infused V-8 with orange juice a that is really good, might just try that and one with some garlic in it (if i have any on hand that is) i need to check now
You're gonna love that rack! I bought a couple of single racks awhile back and did the 1/2 can of beer, adding the same rub I used on the chicken... they turned out great! You really don't get a beer flavor, at least I didn't. The can of liquid just seems to help keep the chix moist.
Along with the garlic, try herbs like (your gonna love this one).............ready

parsley, sage, rosemary, or thyme............

No really, any of those in the beer can works great.
those being aromatic herbs i can see why they would work, but i dont have fresh herbs, i should start growing my own with those herb kits.

from what ive read here and other forums so far you need something airomatic in the can or you really wont taste anything, V-8 and fruit juice may stand a better chance say over a cola to adding flavor to a chicken.
One show AB did he made his rub into a paste and put "under" the skin of a bird and i cant remember what he was making now but i could make a thinner paste and use my injector and put it under the skin and then push it around with my hand by rubbing the skin, might try one that way.
Chrish -

They usually sell fresh herbs in the produce sections of grocery stores.

Chopped herbs and garlic work good in the water pan, I wonder if it would be better in the beer can? The beer doesn't do much.
thats what i meant really putting the herbs into the can, might even be able to mix your own juice, herbs and spices and boil it for a few min and then put it into the can,

i used the pepsi summer mix tropical fruit flavor

some of the skin jumped off into my hand

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