New Toy Arrived

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Feb 7, 2007
Brighton, MI
After a two of weeks bothering Ultramag with PMs, researching the BDS forums, and emailing Rocky (owner of BDS Smokers) about 10 times, I finally bit the bullet and ordered one (difficult to buy something unseen and never seen one in action). Ordered the Deluxe BDS Model 2343 along with 25lbs of peach and black cherry chunks (have a Tel-Tru thermostate on the way) which arrived yesterday.
But, cant use it until at least next wednesday due to my schedule.

Just want to give Ultramag a big THANK YOU for recommending the BDS and putting up with the many, many pms I sent him. Looking forward to mastering it like he has. THX AGAIN!

BTW- that's 12 bags of Rancher hardwood charcoal I got at Homy D (as recommended by bbq bubba). $3 for 20lbs.
Cool! Lookin' forward to the Q-view almost as much as you are lookin' forward to tasting the Q!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Here's the discription of it as copied off the web site. Ultramags' is bigger.

"Deluxe BDS Model 2343

This model is 23.5" diameter by 43" tall. The 2343 comes with 2 cooking racks with a full 7 inches clearance for both. Weighs in at 90 pounds. You can cook big stuff on both racks. Fits 8 large pork butts in one load. Made from 16 gauge cold rolled steel. Great for competition cookoffs and catering" (or if you're really hungry.....
Now that's a Q version of a Joy Toy!
Glad to see your BDS made the trip to MI Geoff. I hope you enjoy it and I can't wait to see some pics of the first smoke. What are trying first?

I jumped in headfirst and did a brisket. It was really no big deal w/ the WSM experience and how well the design works it'll be a breeze for you as well. If ya need anything else, just holler. Enjoy!
Damn Geoff, i go away for a couple days and you get an early christmas?
Congrats on your new toy and keep us posted on that first smoke!!
WOOOHOOO!! I love new toys! Good luck with it... can't wait to see what comes out of it!
New toy fired up with a rack of spares on (no foil will be used. none needed with the BDS). Using 5lbs of charcoal and a large chunk of black cherry. Had to work on the temp for about 30 min b/c I got a propane torch and blew the living you know what out of the coals ( heck, new smoker I've never seen/ used, along with the torch). Needless to say the BDS go warm up to 280*. Left the plugs in with the lid on until temp feel to about 230*. Got pics. Waiting until everything done. So far so good. I keep goin out to check the temp, but It hasn't moved from 230* in last 55 minutes. Think I'm gonna really like this thing.

I'll just add this little tidbit here.......... Put on about 12 jalapenos. Gonna try to make some chipoltes....
Sorry I'm late with the pics. Got busy and then had to work to day. Ribs turned out fantastic! Best I've ever done and with no foil. None needed. 5 hrs in the BDS, turning and spritzing w/ AJ every hr. Took them to some friends and we all devoured them. Cant wait till the next smoke. Recommend the BDS to all!
This is the official BDS and not one you built right? I can get some 55 gal drums for no charge and was thinging about building one. How many racks do you have in it?
Damn Geoff, those are the nastiest ribs i've ever seen, obivously that smoker is a piece of junk also, i'll tell you what, since i like you so much, i'll head on over this evening and take all that chit off your hands!!
Hey, what are friend's for??
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