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Original poster
Sep 14, 2006
Bend, OR.
Hello fellow smokers,
I just happened to come across the site and knew that I needed to join. I have been smoking on and off for around 7-8 years know. You guys would love to see the set up that I have right now. My wife got me another Brinkman water style smoker since I wore the first one out. After talking to some friends I decided to do the old 'fridge thing. After starting on it our roommate and I decided to use the bottom of the Brinkman for heat. So far I think that I have one good "redneck" smoker setup. We just moved to Bend, OR, so the first item to b e done is a nice, fresh salmon. I'll post some pic's of the get up and let everybody know how well the salmon turns out. Thanks for all of the great info on the site. Keep your eyes open as you will be seeing me on here alot. CSA
Welcome VAGuy,

We're glad you found us. Browse through the forums. Ask lots of questions. The friendly folks here will answer your questions. Post a picture of your rig.

Have fun and do good!


Welcome to SMF, VAGuy. This is THE site for beginners and experienced smokers alike. There is something here for everybody. We would love to see your "redneck" getup and see your pics of what you smoke. Looking forward to your posts.

Thanks for the welcome posts. We smoked our first salmon today. Started it at 05:00, I was at work by 05:30. The Misses baby sat it while I was at work. Took it out at 17:00 and had some for dinner. A little dry, but tasted great. Not to bad for the first run of the new smoker. I'm going to post the recipe on the other form. Once again, thanks for the welcome, CSA [/font]
Hey, VAGuy, glad to meet you! I hope to see some pictures of your rig sometime. Good to hear that you smoked a salmon, that's one of my upcoming smokes. I'd like to see your recipe. Well, welcome! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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