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Dec 29, 2005
My name is Trevor. I am from Orlando, FL. I am very new to this type of cooking. I have used a gas grill for years but I love the taste of BBQ and smoked foods. My girlfriend gave me a smoker (Char-Broil) for christmas and I was wondering if anyone would give me any pointers for helping me along.
Hello Trevor.. welcome to the smoking meat forums. You are in the right place for learning how to cook up smoke flavored meats. I recommend that you spend some time going thru the various threads since there is enough info on here to give you a ton of help.

You can also go over to and read some of my articles and tutorials there on various subjects concerning smoking meat.

Smoking meat is such a vast subject and so fun to learn.. where else do you get to eat your projects when you get done with them??!!

If you have a specific question ask away.. in the proper category of course, and chances are you will get a variety of answers.

You should give your gf a huge kiss for giving you such a wonderful gift.. the smoker is man's best friend second only to dogs :D
Hi Trevor,
Welcome to the forum. I honestly believe it to be the best of it's type on the web. I know I have learned an incredible amount here and I hope to learn even more. As a matter of fact, I smoked two butts and four racks of spare ribs yerterday. Today, I warmed them up really well and took them to my son's work place, along with the trimmings and fed the whole group. Talk about hero .... I'm now there new found mascot. (I really think they just want more Q). But where else can you enjoy such a hobby. And incidentally, I used recipes and procedures for the meat and the sauces that I learned on this forum. Just remember ..... fat side down and foil is your friend.

Again, welcome to the forum and do let us hear from you again really soon.

Fl. Bill

Fl. Bill
Hi Trevor...Glad you stumbled upon our "little" group. Prepare yourself for alot of fun as you grow into this hobby. Be forewarned, though, that what begins as a way to wile away the hours on a lazy weekend will quickly develop into a full blown passion....

Be sur to give your girlfriend an extra hug tonight...she desrves it! 8)

Welcome Trevor. Like tulsajeff said there is a ton of info here and don't forget to check out tulsajeff's eCourse on smoking, it is time well spent. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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