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Aug 17, 2007
Bradenton, Florida
Just recently learned of this site on a fishing forum. I love some smoked meat! Learning lots already with the 5 day course and from the reading I have done. From the little I have read I see there is tons of great information on this forum. I look forward to trying out some new knowledge!
Welcome aboard, Vlap!

You were directed to the friendliest most informative smoking site on the net!

There is a great deal of knowledge here for you and no question, no matter how trite, goes unanswered!

Welcome to smoking and welcome to the SMF!

Welcome to the SMF
Welcome aboard Vlap, glad you located us!

What fishing forum mentioned us... just curious...
Maybe a silly question but is this a smoking forum only or does it spill over to the grill. I love both and last weekend I had a few good meals off the grill.

Friday nights grilled buffalo steaks marinated in chipotle bbq with grilled asparagus and grilled fries.

Saturday nights grilled pizza

Great kayak/fishing site centered around tampa but members from all over the state, nation, and a few from other countries.

Great information on paddle fishing and has an active food thread. One of the members mentioned this site.
Welcome Vlap to best site on earth, this is the SMF. You'll find plenty of friendly folks with many common interests, and some other thing too. We do have a following of grillers too.
Welcome Vlap -

If it a good recipe we won't hold it against you to much if it's not smoked! You notice we have other sections like canning, gardening, dutch oven cooking etc. so were not opposed to other forms of cooking we just specialize so to speak in BBQing not grilling. I have smoked pizza as well as a few others and it's awsome!

Someone always says it better than I can before I do.

To me grilling is OK but seems like a let down. Spend all that time preping the meat & heating up the grill only to spend just a few minutes cooking. It is just to fast paced & the line between underdone & overdone is to fine. You cross it so quickly that I often find myself on the overdone side. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.