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Original poster
Aug 15, 2006
All over New England
Hiya, folks!

Just joined the board today, so I'm leaving my obligatory "get to know ya" post.

My name is Thom (and no, you don't have to spell it that way), originally from the Bangor, Maine area. Living in Salem, NH these days, and working in Framingham, Mass.

Took up making sausage this summer, and I've really been going crazy with it. Where there's sausage, there's gotta be smoke, right?

Used to smoke fish and turkey years ago in a Brinkmann vertical smoker, but eventually tossed the unit because the open-framed thermometer attracted earwigs (yuck). Looking to build a new smoker from an old fridge this fall.

In the meantime, the old chips-on-the-grill technique is doing the trick.

Besides sausage and smoking, I'm also a ham radio operator, computer engineer, musician, guitar builder, former broadcaster, and never boring when mixed with alcohol. :oops:

And yes, I live up to my board name a little too well.

Been lurking here for a while and got some great ideas from you guys, look forward to contributing in the near future!

Glad to have you here SmokersCough! I was born in Concord, and grew up in Windham. Small world 'eh. I'm interested to see what's smoking back home these days. I went to college in Providence, Johnson and Wales U. My dad still lives in Concord, he recently visited here in Colorado and got me my smoker for my birthday. I have fallen in love with it! You said you were going to build a smoker and that you use your grill for now, any plans on getting a cheap smoker for the time being? Welcome to the site, enjoy!!
Thank you, SmokeMack! Yep, it's a small world. A buddy of mine lives in Windham. Right across the cove from Canobie Lake park! It's definately a nice area to live in.

I'm toying with the idea of picking up a smoker, but I'm having reasonable results with the grill for now.

Part of what is driving me to build one is looking at the electrics that are out there now. From the convenience standpoint, it would be nice to have something I can leave for a few hours while it smokes away. With that in mind, I'm working on a circuit to switch between two or four separate burners at (adjustable) intervals of a few hours or so. The only free time I get is on the weekends, and they're usually booked pretty solid! I barely get time to make the sausages, let alone smoke 'em!

I figure if I can stick a fridge on its head (so the freezer compartment is below the fridge compartment), I can stick the chip pans in the freezer and hang the meat in the fridge. I'll stick an oven element in the fridge compartment on some bricks with a thermostat for when I want to hot-smoke something.

That'll be a good winter project.

But, I'm certainly open to recommendations on good starter smokers! Given the cold New England winters, I'll probably want something fairly well-insulated.

Oh, yeah... looks like I need to fill in my profile, too.

Thanks for the reply, looking forward to some thin, blue smoke!
Welcome aboard SmokersCough,

I had a pretty good case of the coughs also until April 15th when I wound up in the hospital with a heart attack :shock:

Haven't had a smoke (except hickory, pecan, oak and cherry) since. 8)

Hope you enjoy your time on SMF and jump right in and participate in the discussions.

Again, glad to have you here.
Hi Thom, Welcome to SMF. Have fun and enjoy yourself. I'm from the north east as well .. as in MA Grab a beer and a chair and relax.

Welcome Thom,
Feel free to share those sausage recipes you mentioned youâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]ve been doing all summer. And in turn we will try to make you drool!
Nuff said! Smoke em if ya got em!
SmokersCough, Welcome to SMF. We love it lurkers decide to join our family. Since you have been lurking for a while, I suppose you know all about tulsajeff's 5-day eCourse and all the wonderful tip and tricks that are to be had here. So grab your favorite adult libation and join us at the pit. Looking forward to you posts and adventures (and misadventures) and we love to look at pictures of smoked foods (aka FOOD PORN) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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