New to the board, novice smoker

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May 8, 2007
Hey all-

New to the board, but I have been smoking for 3 or so years. More failures in the begining than I would like to admit, but I am improving. Just found this site and there is a boatload of awesome info!

I have smoked with a charcoal ECB, now I have the Charbroil electric ECB. I have gone through 2 heating elements and thermostats on the electric model in less than 7 months. So, I think I am going to convert to propane via the Afterburner conversion for $50.00 I saw it on . Anyone have nay experiance with these?

My problem is, I dont have the time to tend to the fire with family ETC. I do have a charcoal ECB that I still use when I have the time.

Thanks !

Great site!
Just purchased the gas conversion for my ECB . Should be here Thursday in time to smoke this weekend!!
Welcome ATLSMOKER,you'll find this place very helpful.
I know I have.
The After Burner propane conversion kit you bought is A OK.
My brother Squeezy {he also bought one for hie off-set horizontal] and I have both bought one and they work great.
The flame control is very touchy though.But it's not all that bad to deal with.
Getting a good remote thermometer is good too.
Hope you like it here.

Thanks Triple B-

I already have a decent remote thermometer. Looking forward to this weekend. Best part is the wife wants ribs for mothers day dinner. I'm going to be more that happy to oblige!
Welcome to the forum ATLSmoker. I look forward to hearing of your adventures. Also, don't forget that there is a wealth of information here provided by the friendly folks on the forum.
Welcome ATL -

Great site here wonderful and friendly folks that will help with all your smoking questions. Have you signed up for Jeff's free 5 Dat eCourse yet? Good place to start!
Welcome to the board. I've been eyeballing one of those afterburners for my chargriller too. Let us know how it works out for you.
Well, talk about service. I ordered the conversion Tues afternoon. Received it Yesterday!! Of course I live in atlanta so shipping time was minimal from Alabama.
Well, ATLSmker it looks like it has all been said so I will just plain ole say WELCOME!

Welcome to SMF ATLSmoker. Glad you found us. Looking forward to your posts. Let us know what you think of the afterburner set up.

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