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Mar 10, 2024
I bought a small electric smoker from bass pro shop. It’s a Dyna-glo. I’m learning a lot with it. My first smoke was a beef roast and it turned out just ok. My next smoke was a pork shoulder that turned out great and I just did ribs that were great also.
My problems I’ve noticed are it leaks smoke around the door a lot. My other problems are getting smoke. I have really no vents to adjust. I have a side door to load chips. I prop that open for air and get a nice smoke. It has a small vent at the top on the back side. Very small for a chimney. I get very little smoke out of this. Most my venting seems to happen around the door and the chip door. I’m thinking about doing a mod with some vents. What do you guys think?


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Welcome home. Leave the door closed, the smoke will be fine, when the door is open heat and the smoke roll out, you won't ever get nothing cooked, the leaks are probably intentional, my MBT has a very small vent at the top, smothering the chips keeps them from flaming up and being gone quick, they don't last long anyway and I use small chunks in mine after I get some chips going.
You will need to reload chips pretty often. 1 or 2 loads at least, I like 4 about every 45-60 minutes and I run mine at 275 most of the time.
It won’t smoke hardly at all if I don’t let some air in. I swapped the bottom tray around and use the larger tray for chips and small tray for water. Seems to smoke pretty well and for a long time. Can’t believe there’s no adjustable vents. I tightened up the door the best I can.
I was going to seal it up but I don’t know? It smokes pretty well with my few adjustments. If I close it up it’s got to vent somewhere and that pencil tube on the back is just silly.
Here’s the vent..


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Welcome, from Colorado. Not familiar with that cooker. But hopefully you find the answers you are looking for. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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