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Aug 16, 2021
What’s up folks. So I’m new to smoking meats, not new to enjoying them however. I ordered a Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett pellet grill as I have become very interested in learning how to make good smoked meats. I am curious as to what a good first smoke would be. I’ve also been interested in starting to make my own bbq sauces, if anyone could suggest a good recipe. Mainly I’m curious what everyone would suggest a good first smoke would be with a pellet smoker. Thanks a bunch in advanced!
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Good morning from Nova Scotia

You will find lots of ideas here and great help from all the members. This is a great place to show and tell all your cooks and smokes. ( we love pictures of you foods etc

As for first smoke, there will be others to help you with that . I find ribs and chicken were good starting meats for me , also use the search up in the right hand corner for lots of answers and ideas

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Welcome from Colorado.
I see some chicken and ribs in your future. You need to do a few intermediate cooks and get to know the machine. Once comfortable there then move on to pork butts or picnic hams.
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welcome to smf, i think ribs is a good start, they will take a little time to get done giving you some time to get comfortable with your new smoker. you could throw some chicken on with them, that will be done way before the ribs giving you something to snack on while waiting for the ribs.
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Welcome to SMF
There are many post on here to give some help and remember a lot of what you see will be personal preference. You will see things like the never ending question do you wrap or not and it will have to be your choice by trying both ways. Go to home page and scroll down and you will find many topics to read on all types of meat and recipes. I too would start with chicken just my $.02.
Enjoy your now found habit.

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Welcome from NorCal! Great to have you onboard! As this was already suggested, starting from smoking ribs is a nice idea. Yes, it does take longer to get them done but you have a benefit to enjoy a glass (or three) of beer during the cook!!! :emoji_wink:
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Welcome to SMF from Indiana! There are loads of things to try first. Babyback or St. Louis cut ribs are easy and will take approx 5-6 hours depending on temp smoked at. By far the most forgiving meat is a pork butt which can be done at a variety of temps. Tons of recipes for both here on SMF.

You've come to the best place for help too! Looking forward to seeing what you tried first so post some pics.
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Wow such a welcoming crowd, I love it! I think I’ll go with the spare ribs and if there’s room on my grill I’ll throw on a whole chicken for food prep purposes. I appreciate all y’all.
Welcome to SMF!
Glad to have you join us!
The owner of the site sells his recipe for BBQ sauce, & 2 different rubs. It’s the same recipe that you can buy in the store, but you can make it yourself.
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Well here we go!!
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