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scott in kc

Gone but not forgotten. RIP
Original poster
OTBS Member
Feb 3, 2006
South of KC MO
My name is scott I live in the KC area I've been smoking for about 3 years, the first year I fumbled around with packets of chips indirect style on the gas grill. I occasionally got something that was edible. 2 years ago I bought my first offset, a Brinkmann Smoke King Deluxe, followed shortly by a Brinkmann Cimarron Deluxe. I'm certainly not a novice, but have a ways to go before I would be bold enough to call myself a pro.
I truly enjoy the peace and solitude of tending a fire, but brisket is my favorite Q and I also value a good nights sleep so last summer I purchased a FE-100 Fast Eddy by Cookshack pellet cooker.

I enjoy indoor as well as outdoor cooking of all types. I've been a professional woodworker (cabinet and furniture maker) for 15 years. I'm an Air Force vet from the 80's and enjoy camping, fishing, music and my OL's 3 grandson's (13yrs, 19 months and 7 months).

My Old Friend, glad to see you join us! Feel free to carouse about and read a few topics. I got your e-mails.........obviously you outwitted the anti-bot. LOL!

You'll find things a bit different on our Forum (less B.S.), but serious about 'Q! How's the "Fast Eddie" working out? Competed with it yet?

Still hope to make to KC soon to see you and yours, and hopefully the Royal or the Jack!

Thanks for taking the time to register...............and Welcome, my friend!

Welcome aboard!! You sound like a person of experience from whom, many of us can learn. So, thanks for coming our way. We look forward to your posts and hopefully your pictures. And by the way, Thank you for your service to our country.
Jeff there has certainly been more of a learning curve with the FE than I would have imagined. Knowledge of offset cooking doesn't really translate well to managing a pellet cooker. Once I accepted that I was dealing with a different animal, I love it. "On-demand" reliable heat, has allowed me to spend more time concentrating on what's happening to the food and the quality of my product has improved.
I did do one small town non sanctioned contest late last season with it, where you could turn in anything or anythings you wanted. We turned in pulled pork, sliced loin, BB ribs and brisket all cooked in the FE. We placed 6th out of 44 teams, field was near double the previous year, so only 5 places got awards. Still anxiously awaiting that first "walk".

Would be great to see you at the Royal, I hope to cook the open this year along with maybe 2 other contests. I had previously had more ambitious competive goals, but life events have made down time more important so a few contests where there will be lots of friends is my agenda this year.

Bill, thanks for you kind words about my time in the military, but those are probably better saved for the young men and women serving today. I was fortunate enough to have served in peacetime and my 3 winters in Alaska hardly qualify as a sacrifice compared to those now in Iraq and Afganistan. I mentioned it just to see if there were any other old farts with "war" stories in the group.

Great site with lots of good info, looking forward to getting to know everyone.
Welcome Scott in KC

Hope you enjoy the site.

lots of good people here, some of hoo you already know

Again, Welcome to smoking meats forum
Sixth out of 44 Teams is still quite respectable! Congratulations!

Interesting about the "Pellet Pooper", I had no idea. I'll always be a Stick Burner, but I've got my eye out looking for a "quality" gas unit or something along the lines of the FE that I can use around the Homestead for weekend cooks or when I'm doing something smaller than usual.

Hope you've enjoyed the Site so far..........please chime in on some of these posts, I'd enjoy your input!

Welcome, Scott! Looking forward to your posts. Spent a lot of time colocated with the Air Force through the efforts of a FFRDC. Never got to Alaska but have seen bunches more!
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