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Original poster
Jun 23, 2006
hello i'm mike from oklahoma i just got my first smiker and tried a brisket turn out pretty well but i need a little help on getting started i have a braunfels deluxe about 1000 sq. in and i was having trouble on the smoke what size wood should i use and what kind i'm gonna try ribs and chicken this weekend i like to cook every saturday i usually throw some brats or italian sausage on to can ismoke them also thanks for any input
Welcome Mike, and I'm new here too! This is a pretty cool site, and if you scroll down, you will see threads on all that you ask. Chicken and ribs are real easy, and sausage is even easier. You have a nice smoker, so all you need to do is see what she can do!
Mike, Welcome to SMF. We all needed a little help when we first started-for some they learned from others; some like you jumped in feet first and hoped for the best. :D

SMF was designed to help newbies out by addressing the basics and us "old pros" get to pass on our knowledge of the Smoking Art to a new generation.

Read the different Forums see what others have done (some awesome pitcures are posted), see what problems others have had and how they where addressed.

One thing that you should do is take advantage of tulsajeff's Smoking Basics Course. You can received this course via e-mail or pay the Man the money and get everything at once on a CD. Eitherway, it's infomation that you need.

Good luck with the new smoker and may you achive the "thin blue smoke"!

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