New State Location thread

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Jun 7, 2006
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Does anyone think it would be a good idea to start a section that would list threads by state? There would be a lot of threads, but it would be easier to see who lives close to you for possible mini-gatherings...Or if you didn't want to do by state you could do it by region. It could also include one for Canada, one for Australia...I don't recall any other countries sounding off...Just an idea!
Personally, I think it might be a hinderance to the knowledge base, in that if questions are asked and replied to, categorized according to state, then we'd have to dig through alot of states forums to see what's going on. But, I do see a value in a membership roster by state. That would be very helpful!
I agree that it might not be good to sort individual threads by area but here is idea that would work in the same manner I think..

I could add a custom field to the profile area that would allow members to fill in their zip code. This would allow anyone to click on the members list in the top nav bar and sort it by the "Zip Code" field to easily see who is near them.

Better yet, I could add 2 fields.. maybe STATE and ZIP CODE and anyone who was interested in getting together could fill in those fields. This would allow 2 forms of searching. One for seeing who is in the same state and another for pinpointing folks nearest to you.

The Location field that is already in place is a bit too generic in my opinion for what you are wanting. Some folks put their city, and state while others put something totally different like region of the state such as southwest Missouri for example.

While we are on the subject of custom profile fields.. we could also add fields for type of smoker so that you could also sort the membership list by smoker type and find folks who use the same one you did. Probably make it a drop-down list for ease of use.

Just throwing out some ideas..

I am more than happy to accomodate in any way that I can.. if nothing else we can try things and if we don't like it we can always throw it out later.
That sounds like what I was looking for Jeff. If you do search by zip, would you do a specific mile radius? I like the zip code idea because it would include those close by in neighboring states, but if it was limited to say only 50 miles, you would miss a number of people. Search by state would probably be easier. Most people know general zips in their state to know who would be close.
Shell & Camocook

Count me in as your 'mid-atlantic' neighbor. I am just outside of DC by 35 miles or so. Count me in for a late summer Q'-n-Brew!
Personally, for me a radius search is better. I think I've got about 5 members within 50 miles from me, but all in Missouri. They wouldn't come up in a state search. Plus if there was an area gathering, some people might make distance a major factor in attanding or not.
The only reason I mentioned State and Zipcode was because zipcodes are unique whereas cities are not, except for maybe the town I live in (Sapulpa)
Sounds like a good idea, Boss!
I have added the STATE field and the Zipcode field to the "Edit Profile" section of the UserCP.

Please populate those fields at your first opportunity.. here is a link to make it easy:

Once you are there, simply scroll to the bottom of the page to select your State and type in your 5-digit Zipcode (unless it's a secret that is)

Once you populate the fields you can click on Members list in the top Nav bar and then in the far right of the members table just below the "X Y Z you will see the word SEARCH.

Click on the SEARCH link and then on Advanced Search to search by state, zipcode or any other field in the user profile.

You can also use this link to search the Members list:

If anyone has any problems, please let me know by posting a reply to this thread.
I love the concept Jeff ... go for it!

Unfortunately, we have a large number of members that have not entered any info as to their whereabouts. I think we all understand privacy issues, however basic info on state/prov. and nearest large city wouldn't give too much away.
Thank you Jeff... the honorable state of Delaware is now represented in the new fields!

This is a great, no muss-no fuss way of finding members near you. Now the trick is to get everyone to fill in the fields...
I can require that one or both of them be filled out but did not want to ruffle any feathers without due cause

I tried it in the required setting last night and it will require all new members to submit this info.. it will also require current members to submit this info before they can make any additional changes to their profiles if you so desire.

Just figured it should be an option..

Maybe another incentive of some type? Ideas?
The only problem for me and a few others is that we live in Canada.
You don't list provinces or accept our postal code.
I don't know how hard that would be to add. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.