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May 28, 2007
Reno, NV
hows it goin all. just found this site and the peeps seem nice so id thought id join. im as much of a newbie as you can get at this. i just set up my brinkmann charcoal vertical smoker and allowed it to cure overnight. im going to try to smoke up some ribs today so im sure ill have many questions for you all later. any tips would be greatly appreciated!
Hi Dozer,
Welcome to the forum. I hope you will continue to visit with the friendly folks here. Please feel free to post your smoking adventures, to ask questions or just draw from the valuable information found here. Have fun.

Welcome to SMF Dozer!!! Be sure and get yourself signed up for the 5-day eCourse. Jeff has provided the best start up info for the new guy I am aware of.
Welcome. From this newbie to you, search the forum and you will find the answer. I have read threads here for hours and hours and never had a bad meal off my smoker. Everyone is very helpful.

For the ribs (I know this is alittle late) use Jeff's rub and the 3-2-1 method for your ribs and they will turn out awesome. I made some spareribs over the weekend and everybody raved. I should have bought the other 5#'s at the store. They went fast. I cooked them at 230º.
Welcome aboard SMF....Dozer...great place and peeps here...anything you want to know, just ask ...someone will give advice shortly

Welcome aboard! Let us know how our some turns out and ask all the questions you want, everybody will be happy to help
Welcome Dozer

Get the coals going reall good before you add the meat. Don't make fire make heat around 230-250 degrees. Keep a therometer in the smoker and the meat and check you temps often.

Don't add to much coal at once, when they get small add a few more. Keep the smoke light and thin.

Spray the meat with apple juice every hour or so.

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