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Nov 9, 2006
Western NC
Some advice if possible. I know this is probably the most asked question but I am new to the site. I have some smoking exp but not a pro. I want to retire my bullet smoker and get a new one. I have looked at the electric but dont know enough about them. I would like a front loader, I have never liked the one I own but it worked good. Can you all give me a few tips on a model that uses elec,wood,gas ect. that has been pretty reliable to most , good even temp,fair sized (home use no commercial use) I dont need a Chevy-Ford war just some knowledge please. I would like to get one at Cabelas or Bass Pro if possible but not limited. I like to do ribs and BB's. Thanks in advance for the info
Check out a GOSM (Great Outdoors Smoky Mountain) smoker. They seem to be real popular with these guys, that would be a start, they have several models, guys seem to like the wide body best! You know your budget!
I know that the GOSM is real popular here, so I will throw in mine. It depends on the size you are looking at too, and how much $$ you want to spend.

IMHO, for a real good entry level grill/smoker, you might want to look at the CharGriller SuperPro with side fire box.

They can be found at Lowe's, NorthernTools, and other places. I currently own 2 of them.

I see the GOSM and I am getting flashbacks to what I own now. I see also on the Bass pro shop a smoke king from Brinkmann-any info on this? Looks like it might do the trick, but again I havent had to get a smoker for years.My friend in SC just told me about an egg shaped one, stainless steel that you put charcoal on the bottom and around it,again yhanks for the info.Money is about right but if I get it from Bass or Cabelas I can spend a wee bit more.
Especially if it's a 1955 Chevy Bel Air! :mrgreen:

Cajun is the model that you posted a link for at Bass Pro called the big block (the model A) I hear so many refer to? I went and looked at it yesterday and it looked good except the doors and sides seemed to be made of thin gauge metal. Has anyone had a problem with them rusting thru. Will I have to modify it much. Thanks is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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