New smoker wants to start with chops

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Aug 31, 2006
Hi I'm new to this board and would love some info. I have borrowed an electric smoker and want to try my hand on some chops first. I have Jeffs rub recipe and will use some on the chops. How hot should I smoke and for how long? I have heard 225-230F is good. Is there a time formula to use per pound or for the thickness of cut? Any help would be great.

Hi There guaves13!

I have not done pork chops in a long time but I used to do them in a vertical bullet smoker with charcoal and Blade chops approx. 3/4 inch thick used to take about two hours at 220 degrees..

Pork does not need to be cooked to death anymore so its really a matter of taste but if you put them in an electric smoker check them after one hour at 220 degrees an see what you think.

Hope This helps,

ranger72 :)
The temps you list should work. I would smoke them a little lower, maybe 200-220, since they are smaller pieces than if you were doing a whole loin or the like. Smoke them at a lower temp so you can expose them to the smoke for as long as you can before they have to come off. If they are cut into chops, they should cook/smoke quickly, depending on how thick they are. Keep a thermometer handy and pull them off at about 140 degrees. I have never smoked chops, and I use a wood smoker, so take the advice with a grain of salt. But, from hanging around here for a while, seeing how things are done, that's what I would do. Good luck, keep us posted when you get your smoke on... Welcome to the forum!
Thanks for the help! One more thing, should I put the wood chunks in the water pan or on the heating element?

I have never used an electric smoker but have owned various wood burning smokers for approximately 10 years.

I suggest that you determine exactly who the manufacturer of the electric smoker you are using is and then google search to find the manufacturer's home webpage; then find a 1-800 number to call and ask customer support how to use the smoker. :idea:

You may also find your answer within their website. In any case i don't believe that the woodchips would go in the water pan.

Sorry I can't be of further assistance on this one perhaps one of the other members can help.


ranger72 :)

O.T.B.S. # 14
Thanks for your help. I have heard of soaking the wood chips first. That's probably what I was thinking of. Do you guys think maple chips would work fine?
guaves13, Welcome to SMF. When you get a chance, visit 'Roll Call' and tell us a little about yourself. As for your electric smoker, there should be a metal box that sits on the heating element that you put the wood chips/chunks into. Maple will work fine-some here soak their wood chips/chunks before smoking, some don't. It's more of a personal preference. If you haven't done so, check out the Electric Smoker Forum in the Smoking Equipment and Supplies section. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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