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Discussion in 'Pork' started by scbaird, Jun 21, 2009.

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    Hello all - I have really enjoyed reading the posts today and wish I would have read more before beginning. Nonetheless I have a new Brinkmann vertical two door unit that I made a propane mod on yesterday to get it started and regulate the temp. So far so good. I used lump charcoal (just a few pieces) and some pecan chunks and the gas is barely on to keep a nice 225.

    Here is my concern- during the first hour I think I had too much smoke at times and not enough flow. I have since opened the top vents all the way and I removed one chunk of wood to reduce the amount of smoke. I have now added it back and things look ok. I guess there is no exact way of knowing but I wonder how long a time with somewhat heavy smoke before it may ruin our dinner party... I am now 1 1/2 hours in on some back ribs. This being the first time on this unit makes me nervous. I know how to do it well on my weber but I bought this to improve and am now concerned.
    Any thoughts?

    thanks in advance!
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    The amount of smoke the meat should be getting is just enough so you can barely see it coming out of the smoker. You pretty much want to smell and not see the smoke. The wood should be smoldering not in flames.

    If the meat has already had exposure to heavy smoke there isn't anything you can do. I don't know how much smoke flavor the meat has already absorbed. If you're really worried about it you might want to not smoke them after taking them out of the foil. Just put them in the smoker to firm up.
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    sounds bout right...mabye bust a rib in half and look at the color ...god knows alot of times I just lift my ribs to move em and they fall in half lol
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    Taste test is the best way. Then if bad, you'll do better next time. I seriously doubt if you ruined your meal though.

    Good smoke on right

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