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New smoker looking for help


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I'm out of Florida and with outdoor grilling chicken there are two choices: high heat 350-450 degrees and you'll get a typical BBQ roast or low heat at 200-250 and you smoke the chicken. In the first case, you can't really smoke the chicken that way It's only on for 20-25 minutes (you'll get a little smoke taste).

In the second case, a true smoke cooking approach, you smoke the chicken for 2-2.5 hrs using your choice of wood, usually a fruit wood such as orange wood, black jack oak (beautiful wood for smoking) or possibly pecan or a combo of those types of woods. I've written an article about woods for smoking and you have maybe 43-45 woods to choose from. For poultry, stay away from any of the strong woods like mesquite or hickory or walnut (never!)... they're kind of overpowering. Also, I kind of feel that much of the store bought wood from supermarkets, may not be as fresh as wood that was dried and harvested within 6-8 months. Just my thoughts on the matter


I’m a novice griller in Phoenix and just purchased a Green Mountain Prime (DB). Trying to figure out how to make good boneless chicken breasts as my last two haven’t gone very well. Everything I’ve found is to set to about 450 and cook for 15 min per side which does not seem to be long enough (yet every recipe suggests roughly same temp/time). Parts of the chicken are still pink and partially raw/chewy. I feel like 450 for 30 minutes should be more than enough time to cook all the thorough.

Would cooking it longer or at a hotter temp result in dry chicken? Will a smoker typically create a pink color in various spots? I just purchased a grill grates sear station and wondering if I should use that for chicken as well?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi, I am a newbie to smoking having just bought an Akorn JR Komando, so have lots to learn from all the members on this site.


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I am smoking a whole chicken today, i marinated it in a brine solution over night. have done this before. comes out tender.
1 gallon water
3/4 cup kosher salt ( i used regular non ionized salt)
2/3 cup sugar ( i use brown)
3/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup olive oil.


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If using the pellet grill for breasts I would just do like you would an oven recepie. Definitely get a good thermometer and probes, love my Therm pro. I usually go with my gas grill and pop a probe in the smallest one. Flip when the about 3/4 to temp and then use another instant thermometer to get the bigger ones right. My chicken has been so much better since using probes but somthimes still get a tough piece or two. I blame it on fresh vs frozen but could be many things. Good luck!

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