New Smoker From Texas

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Original poster
Mar 27, 2006
Crystal Beach, Texas
Hello my name is Bobby. I am new to smokin (hehe I quit smoking cigs in Aug 2005) now I am going into a different type of smoking.I am buying a GOSM propane smoker and a CG SuperPro w/sfb Saturday. I want the propane for the easy and the other for the experance of doing it the old fashioned way. By the way I can't spell worth a darn, and I type slow. I live on the beach and have a lot of company in the summer. So I plan on smokin' a lot. I am also retired so that helps. I may be asking lots of questions and from what I have read I will get the answers I need.
From one newbie to another newbie WELCOME , this is a awesome site for info and personnel. I also have a GOSM wide body so far I like it.
Howdy Tex. So glad you found such a great site for all the smoking info you could ever need. Check out Tulsa Jeff's ecourse on smoking, it'll give you alot of the basics. If you can't find an answer to your question in the threads alrady here don't be afraid to ask, we're more than happy to put in our two cents.
Howdy, TBB- Welcome to Smoking Meat Forum, lots of good folks here to help answer your questions, so don't be shy about asking.
Welcome TexasBB. I'm also retired (semi, I work at Wal-Mart for the health insurance) and live a block from the beach in Delray Beach, Fl. This is a great sight and I too would recomend Jeff's course on smoking. I too have a GOSM propane smoker and a charcoal or wood smoker with an offset fire box. Welcome again and ask any question that you may have we all are learning more about smoking every day. I also quit the cigaretts after 40 years of smoking. Congratulations on that .

Scott aka Bluefrog
Welcome Bum! :D Ya need someone to come live with ya on the beach and teach ya to cook? 8)

Congrats on you new smokers AND new addiction.
Howdy Tex,

Welcome to our little corner of the web. You're bound to have alot of fun here and the information and comraderie will quickly help you develop a much more satisfying and healthy addiction to replace the old one. (I gave up smoking cigs 9 1/2 years ago and never looked back).

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