New propnae vertical smoker

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Apr 17, 2007
Bought this about two weeks ago
It isd a Grillware Propane Vertical smoker from Lowes
Very easy to use and clean, any one else have one and can discuss using it??
first attempt to upload Pix. hope it worked.

Sorry about the misspell, Propane works better
How do you edit Subject line on forum???

Hi Virgo,

Nice looking smoker... I have the GOSM, but I figured I'd say "Hi" anyways.

Hi! :)
Congrat's on your new smoker Mike. Not familar with that particular smoker, but it is very similar to most of the vertical gassers. Let us know how you like it!!
I got one of those about three weeks ago and have smoked a pork butt, some sausage, some corn, a couple of pork tenderloins, and a few chickens on it so far, and it's been GREAT!

The *only* thing that I've noticed about it is that the propane control is very touchy - there's a very fine line between getting it set at 200 and having it run up to 300. I just make *VERY* small bumps on the knob and gradually bring it up to where it needs to be. There's a point about 3/4 of the way up where it "whistles" a little, and that's my break point. Where it stops whistling for me is about 190-ish, and I start my small knob bumps from there, letting it settle about 3-4 minutes between increments to see where it's landing. Between that and the vent at the top, I can control it pretty well. Just wish the knob working range had a little more play in it. Very easy to clean up and work with though.

Let me know if you find a cover for it that works well - the grillware smoker cover they sell at lowe's is about a foot shorter that I'd like it to be.

Thanks for the "How To' on using the smoker. Mine works exactly the same way. Bumping the "throttles" is required. I had a spike yesterday, went from 200 to almost 320 in minutes due to an over adjust by a mere 1/2 inch turn. I will remember your advice and use mine as you do yours.

Works great.

Thanks for the info, you saved me some burnt meat.

I just bought one of these about a week ago. It's a real nice unit for the money. I haven't done any meat smoking in years, but the price was right, so I grabbed one of these and have run a few chickens through it this past week.

I've noted the very same issues with my Grillware smoker. The temp control is veeeery touchy, but not unusable. That, and the super weight, cast iron wood box is just too heavy, takes forever to get hot enough to get the wood smoking. I switched to a metal baking pan, (for now), until I can find/build a thinner stainless pan. Oh! Watch that thermometer on the door too, mine reads about 20 degrees high!

Other than those little things, this is a great smoker for the bux, MUCH better than chasing my old "garbage can", charcoal smoker around the deck. It gets right up to and holds it's cooking temp great, (when you finally get it set), great recovery, big enough for a bunch of smoky goodies, can get/hold really high temps, (if ya need), easy to clean/maintain, seems to be pretty well built. I paid $169.00 at Lowes. Great Christmas gifts for my sons!

In any event, I rate this smoker as being a value similar to those little, 20 buck, portable "tail-gater" grilles, best money I ever spent!

Sounds like a great vertical smoker!

What are the exact dimensions? If it is can use some of the covers built for the GOSM and Smoky Mountain models. If it is wider than that do what I did....get a generic grill cover and cover your smoker and propane tank in one shot. It isn't pretty, but it covers the smoker and tank with a little room to spare.

Good luck on your first smokes....and be sure to take and post pics.
Welcome Studebacker and Devolutionist -

It would be nice to have you both head over to the Roll Call section and introduce yourselves so we can get to know you a bit.

BTW I learned to drive on a Studebacker! Great cars!
The Grillworks smoker is actually rounded in the front and rear and flat on the sides. Measurements are 16 inches (front to rear), 15 inches (side to side), 36 inch tall smoke box, and it's a total of 4 feet tall on the legs.

It has four shelves and permanent hooks mounted, right under the top vent hole. It only has one vent hole, but it's all that's really needed. I like the stainless temp. control knob and the solid brass burner. It was in pieces when I got it, but was very easy to assemble, and not a spec of damage anywhere. Fit and finish are excellent. In use, the only place where I see any smoke escaping is around the door, (when I have the smoke really rolling), and that's minimal.

I like the rounded/flat configuration. You can stuff the shelves and still get nice even temps throughout. I can put two, 4-5 pounder chickens, standing up, side-by-side on each shelf, with a little room left over.

I'd love to find a nice, full cover for my smoker. It sounds like the GOSM and Smoky Mountain covers will work. Where can a fella find/buy one-o-them covers?
Your best bet is looking where they sell the GOSM or Smoky Mountain smokers.....sorry for bringing logic into the thread...

Otherwise try SmokeEater's link or order from the Home Depot site too.

The ones from Great Outdoors sell for about $10...
<LMAO> Yep, logic is a good thing, IF a fella is armed with it.
Logic would dictate that I dunno where the hell the GOSM or Smoky Mountain stores are beau!
The good news is, looks like SmokeEater's link is a winner OR I can wander on down to the local Home Dee-poot and grab one right there.

Thanks a million for the git-back and the HD tip! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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