New Poll-new smoked food pics terminology

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What food pix term best suits Smoking Meat Forums

  • Platter Pics

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  • Pub Grub

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  • Q Drool

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  • Q View

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Okay folks, we've narrowed down the list of terms that were submitted to replace the old term that we were using (thus getting spammed by smut peddlers).

Sir Monty googled the submitted terms (some led to smut sites and a couple I googled led to cannabis users sites and were eliminated.

We came up with 4 entries for the poll and submitted them to TulsaJeff for his official ok.

The poll will run for the next 7 days and the winner will be announced.

On behalf of the staff here at SMF, thanks to all of you that submitted your ideas for consideration.
I think i'll just stick with Pic's............easier to type
I was wondering when this would come to a head. I think it is a wise decision to move off of that terminology ;).

Take care,

I'm sorry but probably!

To me ... 'Pub Grub" runs the gamit from French fries to burgers, to chicken strips, to wings ... well you get my point ... not BBQ!

For me pic or pix ...
Folks, we would like to thank all of you who suggested a new term for all the great food pics that are in this fantastic forum and our thanks go out to those who took the opportunity to vote in the poll.

The winning term is "Q view" and was submitted by Keywesmoke. Way to go KWS!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.