New Pellet Pro 2300 Vertical arrived

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Jun 2, 2024
Very well packaged and arrived from the Midwest to Vegas in about 4 days. I was surprised that Smoke Daddy used ForwarAir to ship. Setup was straight forward and everything fit together perfectly. It seems they put the on/off switch upside down on the convection fan motor housing, easy fix. I have one of the three cabinet thermometers that is substantially lower than the top two during the seasoning process. I elected to stand it on a stainless dunnage rack to raise it up for easier access. I am excited to run a couple of pork butts through it this weekend.

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Looking forward seeing those butts. I've been on the verge of buying one of those myself.
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All set up and seasoned. Looking forward to butts n ribs this weekend.


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So far very pleased. Several butts, several slabs of pastrami that was amazing and an all nighter prime grade brisket coming to temp now. Still figuring out the Heavy D wood attachment. It is nice to have real wood smoke in the first hour. Pic is with the wood split that came with it. Last night I put two solid splits of cherry wood in them.


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