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    So, I had a problem with my smoker getting too hot. Called the manufacturer and they suggested trying to control the heat by adjusting the knob between the off position and the high/light position. It worked. Got my heat all the way down to 120 tonight.

    So, I started with 15 pounds of ground pork and beef for summer sausage. What a nightmare that was. I bought an LEM manual grinder/stuffer. Realistically, you need about 3 sets of hands to get that job done. But, all I had was me and my 6 year old daughter. She cranked and i packed the meat in. She lasted about half an hour then I had to finish stuffing my sausages by hand. They are on the smoker now at about 160. The recipe I have says to turn it up to 180-200 here in another hour and start checking for the sausage to reach 156.

    I have 3 racks of St. Louis style spare ribs and a 12 pound brisket in the fridge now with a rub and wrapped in plastic wrap. I think I'm gonna have to get up pretty early to get that brisket done tomorrow. I'm thinking about going back and getting a shoulder to do puller pork also. I'm feeding the guys at work on Monday.

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