New Okie joined up...

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Original poster
Jul 11, 2008
Mounds and Big Cedar, OK
I've been to this site a couple of times, so thought I would join up.

I've been cooking low and slow for quite a while, using my own pit. Nothing like cooking on something you've built with your own two hands.....anyway.....looking forward to exchanging ideas with everyone here.
Wecome, and good luck with your smoking.
Welcome Fastball,

Its nice to se another Okie around. This is a great place with all the helpful advice you can ask for.

Welcome to the forum, like the looks of your smoker.
Thanks all, so here are my pits. The offset, I built several years ago. I got tired of the bullets, went with a small offset, but not enough room, so decided to just build my own, with everything I wanted.

The cabinet smoker (Mr. Potatohead), isn't quite finished yet. I just recently seasoned it and I've cooked on it twice. Now it's awaiting some finishing touches and paint.
Always good to see a fellow Okie.Lots of great stuff and folks here at smf............Nice rig bubba......WHEW.....I am for sure scared of, me one..............welcome bro
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