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Jul 18, 2007
My name is Dr. Wein and I am just getting into the art of smoking as I have previously used an open pit BBQ where I would have the grill swinging in circles above the charcoal.
Welcome aboard. The answer to your questions are either on this site or in the knowledge base of one of the members. Looking forward to hearing about your smoking adventures and seeing lots of Q-views.
Dr Wine, now thats exciting

Oh, it's Dr Wein, well thats exciting too

Welcome to the SMF, Doc
Glad you found the SMF, you''l have fun while picking up some great information. Don't be shy to ask questions, these guys like to show what they know.
Welcome aboard Dr. Wein, glad you found us! As Gypsy suggested, sign up for the 5 day ecourse... that will get you started. Also, represent your home state and stick a pin in the push pin map!
Hope you're a psychiatrist because some of us need some SERIOUS help with our smoking addiction! Tried the patch, but it didn't taste too good smoked.

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